Stories for February 1997

Saturday, February 1

Daily News

The Daily News of Los Angeles has agreed to contribute $500,000 to the Economic Alliance of the San Fernando Valley, the largest private donation ever received by the group.


An affiliate of local development firm Johnston Group has secured a $25 million refinance mortgage from Nomura Asset Capital Corp.'s real estate lending division for the 320,000-square-foot Malibu Canyon Business Park and Corporate Center in Calabasas.


Developer Marshall Ezralow has figured out a way to rent apartments in parts of the Valley that still face double-digit vacancy rates from the Northridge earthquake.


SANTA CLARITA It would be the largest master-planned community in the history of Los Angeles County, encompassing 19 square miles in an area north of the San Fernando Valley.


Apparently so if you've got friends in high places and are willing to take a pay cut.


A flurry of commercial development activity is taking place in Valencia, as developer Newhall Land and Farming Co. transforms Town Center Drive into a retail district extending westward from the Valencia Town Center mall.


Medical savings accounts are being touted by proponents as the hottest thing to hit the health insurance industry in years. But so far, most local managed care companies are keeping their distance from the novel payment method.

Brad Berton

Payroll processing specialist Entertainment Partners is planning to develop a 90,000-square-foot Burbank office building into which it will consolidate operations from several Burbank-area sites, according to City of Burbank development officials.

Fast Track

Making the new look old and turning tin into "gold" has proven the Midas touch for Burbank-based costume jewelry maker 1928 Inc.

RE Column

A response management company that's been a fixture in the San Fernando Valley for 30 years is growing under new ownership and is headed for expanded (and expandable) new digs in the next valley to the north.


The December apartment vacancy rate for the San Fernando Valley fell substantially from the like period a year ago, according to this month's Valley Econowatch.


Opponents of Universal Studios Inc.'s plan to expand its Universal City development plan say they will recruit a larger contingent to turn out for the next public hearing on ther project, slated for March 3.

Valley Forum

Los Angeles city officials are seeking proposals for a new building complex to replace the earthquake-damaged Van Nuys "City Hall." The complex would house offices for city employees as well as feature shops, outdoor dining/entertainment areas and a 450-


What subway? The SFVBJ opines that we in the Valley should forget the subway ("Forget Valley subway" January).


Charter reform is a tough sell for a town not accustomed to deciding important public policy matters especially ones that won't have any real impact for years to come.


The one common thread connecting most of the San Fernando Valley's top accounting firms is that they cater to the fast-growing entertainment industry.

Van Nuys

Depending on one's perspective, the latest Van Nuys Civic Center makeover plan is too complicated to attract a private developer, too small to help clean up the neighborhood or a well-conceived plan that could kick-start revitalization.

Bio Med

VAN NUYS As early as March, construction could begin on a biomedical complex being planned for the site of a razed General Motors auto plant here.

Real Estate

After a number of lackluster years, industrial real estate development is on the rebound.


R. Hank Miller has been hired as an assistant vice president and business development officer at the Bank of Granada Hills. Miller was previously a commercial loan officer and assistant vice president at the Bank of Hollywood.

Real Brief

The Warner Center Plaza III highrise in Woodland Hills, which has sat almost entirely vacant since its 1991 completion, has landed a tenant for nearly 10 percent of its office space.


Would you accept a new job for which you have no prior experience? That's exactly what many people find themselves doing as the executor of a friend's or family member's estate.


At heart, Steven Muellner is a salesman. He's hawked potato chips in the midwest, vertical blinds in Santa Monica and now as president of Woodland Hills toy maker Applause Inc. peddles Grovers, Elmos, Darths and Tweeties by the shipload.

SFV Briefs

Optical device manufacturer Century Precision Optics has agreed to expand and relocate its headquarters to 21,332 square feet of commercial space at 11049 Magnolia Blvd. in North Hollywood.


This has been a rough stretch for most of L.A.'s publicly traded biomed firms but not MiniMed Technologies.


Business owners frequently approach me for a loan when what they really need is an equity investor.


Who would have thought, when we were growing up watching Elmer Fudd chasing Bugs around with a shotgun or Daffy Duck making those wacky whooping noises, that someday people would be willing to shell out $25,000 for a Looney Tunes chess set?