Stories for April 1999

Monday, April 19

All You need is love

L.A. Mayor Richard Riordan has made no secret of his opposition to secession, taking every opportunity to make his case against the breakup of the city.

Business ion Calfiornia

Starting And Operating A Business In California

News Summ

POLITICS The defeat of the city's police and fire bond measure may signal the San Fernando Valley's readiness for a divorce from Los Angeles.

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A: I was a union man and then decided I could do more and went into management. I knew I had more potential. I started with (an East Coast company) and worked my way up from the bottom.


Topping the Business Journal's list of the biggest cities in the San Fernando Valley is no surprise, Los Angeles. While the entire city may not lie in the Valley, 1.6 million of its residents do.


A lack of product and high prices brought commercial real estate leasing activity in the San Fernando Valley to a dead stop in the first quarter of 1999.

Fashion Square

At first, the closure of the Sherman Oaks Galleria seemed like good news for Fashion Square, another shopping mall just a few miles to the east.


Last week's municipal elections showed that after six years in office, L.A. Mayor Richard Riordan has finally become an effective force in city politics.

Baby Boomers

As the aging Baby Boomers approach their mid-50s, fatty deposits, sagging flesh and aching muscles and bones are all constant reminders of approaching mortality. But the Boomers are not sitting still for this unwarranted intrusion into their hedonistic li

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Sherman Oaks homeowners who have been planting trees along Ventura Boulevard the last two years to spruce up the area were not amused when they discovered that some culprit had surreptitiously undertaken a little do-it-yourself boulevard beautification pr

Choosing a bank

Each year, one of every eight companies changes its banking relationship. Some companies change because their bank was acquired or their account officer moved. Others move to new banks because of service concerns, they have outgrown their community ban


Just six months after it opened, the Studio City Farmers Market has become the third-highest-volume market in Southern California, with revenues ranging from nearly $17,000 to more than $33,000 each week.


It's getting harder to find a vacant apartment in the San Fernando Valley, though rent prices have risen by only 3.8 percent, on average, from a year ago.


Origins: The area got its start as Mission Acres, a subdivision that boasted one-acre plots with gardens, chickens and rabbits. In 1927, the community changed its name to Sepulveda, but the word became synonymous with drugs and prostitutes. In 1992, resid


It's not easy being a small-business owner. I know the trials and tribulations firsthand; my father has been a small-business owner all his life, and I worked right alongside him for many, many years. I remember the impossibly tight budgets, the unbelieva

Credit Unions

Interest rates on loans at credit unions tend to be lower than at commercial banks, just as interest paid on savings tends to be slightly higher.


For franchise companies, the search for capital is often an excruciating experience. Unlike other businesses, franchisers often don't have a lot of hard assets. Their value resides instead in things like


When the $744 million police and fire facilities bond went down in flames in the recent city election, Mayor Richard Riordan blamed poor voter turnout and anti-tax sentiment.

Mega Mergers

The boom in banking and securities mergers will continue as we enter the new millenium, according to a new report by Deloitte Consulting and Deloitte & Touche entitled, "Top Ten Banking and Securities Industry Outlook." The report suggests that mergers a

New Business

Except for the last-named, these are items for negotiation. So negotiate. Ask for more than you need, so you will appear to be compromising when you accept less. Be flexible--at least at the beginning of




While your article on new development along the "seamier section" of Ventura Boulevard in Studio City ("Hidden Ace on Ventura," March 22) accurately portrays the Studio City Residents Association (SCRA) as a powerful residents group wielding influence on

Monday, April 5


As a U.S.-led NATO assault sent bombs and missiles raining down on targets in Serbia in recent weeks, there was something missing: Much of L.A.'s defense industry.

News Summ

GOVERNMENT A bid by the San Fernando Valley to secede from L.A. appears to be gaining credibility and momentum.


The New Los Angeles Marketing Partnership, which for the last five years has been heavily promoting L.A., closed its doors last week, to be replaced by a smaller group now being organized.


Valley Industry and Commerce Association President Bonny Herman's letter advocating that the state of California purchase numerous CL-415 Superscoopers (March 8) is well intended, but does not address the facts.

Fast Track

Core Business: Provide advertiser-supported Internet service free to subscribers.


While debate at Burbank Airport has centered on passenger flight expansion, air cargo companies have been quietly increasing volume and even adding flights there.


DD Western Wear has survived in Pacoima for 35 years. Its owners, Abel and Ben Diaz, have steered the store through two major earthquakes, the riots and various robberies.


Woodland Hills may be known for the high-rise and campus-style offices clustered in Warner Center, but when Alex Puchner surveyed the area, he saw something else beer drinkers.


The San Fernando Valley Conference and Visitors Bureau wants the city to hand over $500,000 in hotel taxes generated in the Valley so it can promote local tourism.


Just as Angelenos were getting used to the arrival of the killer bee, they have another insect to worry about: the red imported fire ant.


For the delicate procedure, he imports hands from around the country and world to his Sherman Oaks shop hands of the porcelain and glass variety, that is.

Valley Talk

Jeff Edelstein has been promoting disaster preparedness for 10 years, but a few weeks ago, he actually got the chance to practice what he preaches.


Agoura Hills is emerging as a new development hot spot, as prime locations in Westlake Village and Calabasas become scarce.


Guess where you can get a better yield than a bank CD? (Sorry, "almost anywhere" is not an acceptable answer.)

List Story

When Valerie Red-Horse applied for minority-owned business status in 1984 for her advertising specialty business, it was a tough road. Being Native American meant that unlike other minorities, she had to prove her Cherokee heritage.


When Dolby Laboratories Inc. won the competition to provide the audio portion of high-definition television, it may have looked like the war was over. But for the company's Burbank offices, it was just beginning.

SFV Newsmakers

Jeff Wishmyer has been appointed sales manager of AdOut's new advanced productivity solutions division, based in Van Nuys. He will be responsible for increasing sales and awareness at the newspaper advertising production company. Wishmyer was most recentl

Re Column

Equity Office Properties has retained Cushman Realty Corp. to explore a number of alternatives for its dormant Burbank property, including possible sale of the site, sources said.


I'm the first to admit that I'm not an expert on hiring procedures and practices. Yet, I often receive inquiries from small-business principals seeking assistance in the hiring of a marketing director.


It lies between North Hollywood and Burbank, where the major entertainment studios and related production houses can provide plenty of customer traffic at lunchtime. It's adjacent to the affluent residential community of Toluca Lake. And each year the tho


The race to fill the L.A. City Council seat once held by state Sen. Richard Alarcon has become the only hotly contested match in the Valley for the April 13 citywide election.


When William Guy started out in the retained executive search business in the '70s, the large firms wouldn't give him the time of day.

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I don't think they're doing a good job. I know nothing about it, and I read the L.A. Times every day. I haven't seen anything on it. It hasn't been on TV. So I'd say no, they haven't done a good job.


Businesses and residents of the San Fernando Valley are enthusiastic about the possibility of the Valley becoming a separate city.