Stories for August 1999

Monday, August 23


As Valley businesses should be aware, new telephone numbers in the 818 area code are projected to run out in 2001. Currently, the relief choices are a geographic split or an overlay. A split would divide the Valley into two or more area codes and an overl


Entertainment employment has experienced a sharp decline since a hitting a high in February last year, but a slight (0.8 percent) increase in entertainment jobs in July may signal that the industry is pulling out of its slump.


When Newhall Land & Farming Co. sold its profitable Valencia Marketplace shopping center to an Arcadia businessman in June 1998, the developer insisted on an unusual clause in the contract language.


As an entrepreneur, you will have to confront the realities of financing a new-business concept. But if you have the proper know-how, you can get the funds you need--and on the terms you prescribe.


At 14 years of age, Zack Morrison has all the technology he really needs a pager, laptop computer and personal America Online account.

SFV Newsmakers

James Bradley has been appointed vice president of the San Gabriel branch of Comerica Bank-California. He will be responsible for managing and developing middle-market business. Bradley was formerly vice president and commercial banking officer of Sanwa B


When Ramy El-Batrawi began planning to take his company public about a year ago, he figured he had a sure thing.

Real Estate Column

Four new tenants will soon move into the Trillium in Warner Center, bringing the occupancy rate in that high-rise office tower to 97 percent, according to Jim Lindvall, senior vice president at Grubb & Ellis Co., who represented the Trillium in all the de


During the past month, I had to call the pest control and home security people more than a half-dozen times before I could get a return call. My Sunday newspaper hasn't been delivered for weeks in spite of repeated complaints.


In a story about the Valley Economic Development Corp. in the Aug. 9 edition, Walt Mosher and Marvin Selter were misidentified. Mosher is president of Precision Dynamics Corp. and Selter is a human resources consultant.


While the threat of mergers and acquisitions still hangs over independent banks in the San Fernando Valley, the institutions enjoyed an increase in assets and customer deposits for the fiscal year ended June 30.


A plan to develop a $32 million industrial park in the heart of the San Fernando Valley has gained broad support from political leaders, the city Planning Department and even the hard-to-please Van Nuys Homeowners Association.


French cosmetics retailer Sephora has brought its innovative marketing approach to L.A. by opening its first local store in the Fashion Square mall in Sherman Oaks.

Is a credit union right for yo

If you are an established business, you probably need the services that a commercial bank can provide. If you are just starting out, or if you find the banks are just not lending, then credit unions may be an option to consider.


The value of any asset is what someone is willing to pay for it. Usually valuation is presented as an objective analytical process to measure value. While financial analysis is important, decisions, even financial ones, are primarily emotional. Analysis a


Education: Bachelor's degree in psychology, UC Santa Barbara; master's degree in business administration, UCLA


Driving Force: Demand for an affordable way for workers to communicate face to face without having to travel


That was the sale price brokered for the name a few weeks ago by Chatsworth-based The price paid by San Francisco-based Internet startup Venture Frogs, which plans to launch an online pharmacy represents one of the highest prices eve

Starting And Operating A Busin

This checklist summarizes the primary requirements you will need to satisfy to start a business in California whether or not you have employees. If you have employees, the following section describes additional requirements for your business.


A larger-than-life poster to announce the upcoming opening of Abercrombie & Fitch in the Fashion Square mall in Sherman Oaks drew a very enthusiastic response from at least one shopper.


If you had a choice of getting 30% return on your $10,000 annual 401(k) contribution or putting $30,000 per year into a passbook savings account, which would you choose? Company sponsored retirement plans, such as 401(k) and profit sharing plans, are so

Entering the Small Business Fi

Small businesses are getting harder to define. Annual gross sales and number of employees are no longer in lock-step. One company with six computers and eight employees can generate $50M annually, while another may need 80 employees and thousands of squar


With summer almost over, students across the Valley are preparing to go back to school. Public schools have come under criticism for not properly preparing students for the world of work, so the Business Journal asks:


No, I don't. I think schools are getting worse as the years go by. My wife and I are only in our 30s, and I remember feeling that my schooling did not really prepare me for much of anything. I do not think that it has gotten any better since. I worry abou

Monday, August 9

Letter Holden

I am alarmed by recent television commercials by cable companies claiming that the government should take its hands off the Internet.


One of the continuing puzzles of marketing life is the disproportionate amount of energy and resources allocated to generating leads.

Nurse Union

The drive to unionize medical professionals in the Los Angeles area could advance this week when 250 registered nurses at a Valencia hospital vote on whether to join the California Nurses Association.


San Fernando Valley hospitals are giving up bed space and will continue to do so as health providers push for more outpatient treatment, merge with other hospitals or abandon outdated facilities.


With a 2 percent apartment vacancy rate in most of the San Fernando Valley and little construction expected soon, the apartment market is expected to get even tighter in the months ahead. And that is spurring apartment owners to hike rents.


What is smart growth? A lot of people are using the term today; not many agree on what it is. But this much is known; smart growth concerns everyone from janitors to CEOs, from retailers to manufacturers, from developers to environmentalists.


It looks like a piece of Velcro. But instead of replacing shoelaces or zippers, promoters want you to stick it in your mouth.

Valley Talk add

Each year, the CaliforniaMart gives an award to an "entertainment entity in television, film or music that, in the past 12 months, has gained national attention and popularity through the creation of a unique perspective on fashion."


When news broke in May that Valley Economic Development Center Inc. Chairman David Honda had asked for the resignation of its president, John J. Rooney, the board decided to squelch word of the rift.


Education: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering


It may look like a whole lot of rolling hills and not much else, but the 270,000 acres of cattle land at the top of the Grapevine will be L.A.'s next frontier, if Tejon Ranch Co.'s vision comes to pass.

RE Column

Speculative office construction has come to a halt in some parts of the San Fernando Valley, but that's not stopping one particular developer from moving forward with such a project in Westlake Village.


Origins: The Spaniards moved to the area in the 1700s and founded the San Fernando Mission there. In 1890, some Illinois businessmen moved to the area, planted an olive grove and set up an olive packing plant. In the 1920s, the area became known for its t


The sun may still be high in the sky, but it's fall at the mall as retailers set their sites on back-to-school business.

Fast Track

Top Executives: Perry Solomon, president and chief executive; Marie Solomon, executive vice president and chief financial officer