Stories for December 1999

Thursday, December 23


Chapter 7: a "straight" liquidation bankruptcy involving an appointed trustee to sell all assets by auction or other means to pay creditors and trustee fees.

State Creates Bank to Help Fund Infrastructure Projects

After five years of hemming and hawing, the state finally has rolled out a plan for financing badly needed infrastructure projects, many of them likely to be in L.A.

Developer Buys Site of Failed Burbank Office Project

It looks like an ill-fated Burbank media district development site may be back on track.

The Digest

Amgen Inc. Chairman and Chief Executive Gordon Binder said he will retire after the company shareholders meeting in May and hand over control to Chief Operating Officer Kevin W. Sharer, whom Binder has been preparing as his successor.

Broker's Vocation Helps With His Avocation Investments

As a real estate broker, Ross Thomas is always on the lookout for a good deal for his clients. So it seemed only natural to do the same for himself.

Valley forum

Until a few months ago, club owners and party planners were predicting that New Year's parties would be all booked up well before the big day. But that hasn't been the case, so the San Fernando Valley Business Journal asks:

Commercial Lease Pitfalls Questions to Ask Before You Sign a Lease

Today's soft commercial real estate market has created many opportunities for savvy companies, yet, with opportunity comes risk. And it's a situation that most managers will soon face. Because every year seven percent of the nation's commercial real estat

Buy an Existing Business

When you buy an existing business, you are assuming responsibility to an existing customer base. Buying a business this way, you are most concerned with the ability of the business to continue to earn profits.

L.A. County Econowatch

2. The index, generated by First American Real Estate Solutions, is based on a statistical model that tracks the resale value of a preselected group of homes and is considered by the industry to be a more accurate measure than either the average or median

Finding a New Home for Your Company

You need to find some commercial real estate, and need it soon. You've outgrown your current space and it's starting to hurt your productivity. What should you be looking for? What are the pitfalls?

Don't Make These Mistakes

The main job of corporate executives, owners of a partnership, and sole proprietors is to make decisions. The selection of an office site can be the most important decision a leader will make.

Bright Future

Outdoor lighting firm rockscapes inc. benefits from recent boom in home improvement activity

Digital Animation Proves Key Profit Center for Disney

With the blowout success of "Toy Story 2," digital animation has become the hottest niche in Hollywood.

High-Tech Monitoring for L.A.'s Democratic Confab

When the Democratic National Convention rolls into town next August, emergency-response officials will be monitoring everything from where news vans are parked, to the severity of traffic tie-ups on the 101, to the progress of a party speaker's commute

Quality Growth Planning Needed

The main job of corporate executives, owners of a partnership, and sole proprietors is to make decisions. The selection of an office site can be the most important decision a leader will make.

Sales of Satellite TV Systems Up, but Some Believe Cable Still Has the Edge

Now that satellite companies must carry local broadcast channels for the first time, will the dishes be flying off retail shelves this holiday season?

Valley Talk

The president of Canoga Park-based Rockscapes Inc., an outdoor lighting manufacturer, could hardly find any qualified applicants when he placed an ad in the newspaper for some help with customer service.

The Briefing

Carol Horowitz and Marlene Greene were in the wholesale bakery business, but wanted to do something more creative. So about a year ago, the two partners opened Chewy Gooey Gift Baskets, a Northridge-based company that combines their expertise in baking wi

Book Serves as an Excellent Primer on Internet Investing

One is investing in index funds because they have so regularly done better than professionally managed funds. Whether you are measuring the last three-, five-, 10- or 15-year periods, the Vanguard Index 500 fund has beaten about nine out of 10 profession

Exploring Ins and Outs of New E-Mail Applications

My own introduction to e-mail came through a mainframe-based system called TN3270. Its features were about as user-friendly as its name, and it was so awkward and prone to accidental message destruction that I actually swore off e-mail for awhile.

Valley Econowatch


Neighborhood Advocate

As a member of the new Commission on neighborhood councils, lawyer Lee Kanon Alpert Will have a big say in the way charter reform Reaches the grassroots level

Why Do We Allow Postal Monopoly to Continue?

Here we are: the mightiest, most efficient economy in the history of the world about to enter the 21st century still clinging to the 18th-century concept that the government should deliver the mail.

Semtech Chips Not as Sexy As Digital, but Just as Hot

The world may be in the midst of a digital revolution, but a Newbury Park semiconductor manufacturer is finding that good old-fashioned analog chips are still mighty profitable.

Dramatic Renewal

When it comes to live theater, the North Hollywood Arts District probably isn't the first place you'd consider for taking in a play.

Hollywood Also Mulls Secession

Now business and community leaders in Hollywood are preparing to mount a petition drive to split from the city of Los Angeles.

The Planner

The Southern California Development Forum hosts a holiday conference with Steve Soboroff, senior advisor to Mayor Richard Riordan and a candidate to be Riordan's successor. Soboroff will discuss upcoming projects, as well as help the group honor the Elmwo

New Valley BIDs Still Face Wait to Get Off the Ground

Backers of the Reseda Business Improvement District have big plans. With local businesses having voted to pump $400,000 a year into the area, they promise that more than 350 trees will be planted along the sidewalks, and banners will adorn lampposts to ad

OK, Happy New Year, Now Get Back to Work

At the stroke of midnight on Dec. 31, Earl Todd plans to stop whatever he's doing to gaze out of his office window in Canoga Park.