Stories for June 1999

Monday, June 28

Valley Talk

In case you were wondering where all the Valley girls have gone since the Sherman Oaks Galleria closed...


The city of Los Angeles made major progress toward improving the governmental operations for all Angelenos by the approval of a new charter. While the charter heads toward a more responsive government, we in the Valley need to continue toward determining


The San Fernando Valley housing market continued to see strong sales in May, with the median resale price hitting a six-year high of $220,000, according to the Southland Association of Realtors.


Princess Cruises Inc. will relocate its corporate offices from Century City to Town Center Drive in Valencia, a move that is expected to add 162,000 square feet of occupied office space to the development.

Fast Track

Core Business: Software to aid scriptwriting for film, television and stage plays


Cheap land and lots of it that sums up the lure of the Santa Clarita Valley for homebuilders.


Need a tonic to make the whites of your eyes look whiter? Cover up scar tissue? Hide a bald spot?

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Q: While other banks might not be headquartered here, many are expanding their operations in L.A. What do you do to compete?


The newly released book, "The Dream Society: How the Coming Shift from Information to Imagination Will Transform Your Business," provides dramatic insights into how marketing will operate in the 21st century.


The opening last fall of the Hyatt Valencia Hotel and Conference Center has put a squeeze on other hotels in the Santa Clarita Valley, forcing them to drop room rates to compete with the new kid on the block.

Asian RE

An army of American investors has descended on Asia to take advantage of huge real estate opportunities created as a result of the Asian economic crisis.


Fearing that Ventura Boulevard might turn into another Wilshire Boulevard, the city of L.A. drew up a plan nearly 20 years ago to get people out of their cars and walking along the thoroughfare.


The term job security has become as much a 20th century oxymoron as fresh air and common courtesy. Companies are created, then merge, fold or succumb to acquisition in less time that it used to take a small shopkeeper to receive his first inventory. The r

Letter Seigal

Managers from high-tech firms, to small business owners, to franchise restaurateurs all are bemoaning the shortage of qualified workers to meet their growing business needs.

RE Column

Raffi Krikorian, managing partner of the office, issued a statement saying he will oversee the completion of the brokerage's pending transactions and other remaining business.


Nearly half of the 17 million small businesses in the United States were home-based, according to a recent report released by the Commerce Department's Census Bureau.


Dave Adams has been promoted to supervising visual effects animator for Foundation Imaging in Valencia. Adams was an animator on "Star Trek: Voyager" and "Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog."


1. Save paper by using plain-paper fax machines so you can recycle faxed documents. Even better, use fax modems and receive faxes on your computers without using paper.

Promotioanl Products

In today's ultra-competitive environment, what trait do successful companies share? They use integrated marketing to enhance relationships with customers and employees. One of the most cost-effective tools for building rapport is with promotional produ


Origins: Rancho El Tejon was granted to a local family by the Mexican government in 1843. Ten years later, it was transformed into a cooperative farming effort by U.S. Naval Officer Edward Fitzgerald Beale as a way to appease Native Americans protesting o

Monday, June 14


devices, systems, and physical working conditions with the capacities and requirements of the worker. Another term used is


outgrown your current space and it's starting to hurt your productivity. What should you be looking for? What are the pitfalls?


Internet stocks soar in price without any ostensible justification. The press is filled daily with stories of newly made, Internet-raised Gen-X multimillionaires. Every day is greeted with the announcement of new Web ventures and new interactive start-ups


Scott Johnston got his start as a custom furniture maker more than 20 years ago, building simple pieces out of 2-by-4s and selling them at swap meets on weekends.


The answer used to be two one to represent the buyer and one to represent the seller. But these days, the answer is more likely to be one. Meanwhile, as the perception grows that it's easier to broker a deal, the commissions being paid to commercial bro


California's economic prosperity and high quality of life will be threatened by the coming surge of growth unless land use decision making is greatly improved, according to a report released recently by the Center for Continuing Study of the California Ec


The main job of corporate executives, owners of a partnership, and

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A: My dad grew up and was born in St. Louis. He came to L.A. when he was 14. His father died when he was young, so he was really a self-made man. Anyway, he went into the service station business in 1939 when he bought the property at Florence and San Ped

all women

Call Coleen Kirnan on a typical afternoon and you're likely to hear her children squealing in the background.


Los Angeles may be known for its kitsch, but some folks are putting their feet down on those big inflatable balloons perched atop a number of businesses.


With more than 53,000 vehicles passing through the corridor along Interstate 5, Tejon Ranch Co. has begun development of what the company claims will be the largest travel facility in California.


Jack Kyser is with the Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC). To contact LAEDC, call 213-622-4300.


address--often on the same floor--each with access via long, impersonal corridors. Some offices consisted primarily of labyrinth-like


The San Fernando Valley and Southern California continued to see a surge in new construction in May, although construction statewide began to show signs of slowing.

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Baltin said business travel is expected to be strong in the Valley during the second quarter. Convention business is expected to pick up in the downtown Los Angeles area in the fall, and that should mean some convention spillover for Valley hotels, he sai


One of the most important questions facing the San Fernando Valley and the entire Los Angeles metropolitan area is how to accommodate the increased demand for air travel while avoiding the political and logistical problems associated with expanding airpor


We are enjoying one of the greatest economic expansions of this century, with more Americans working in good jobs than ever before. But the booming economy has done little to reduce the number of American workers who do not have health insurance.


The purpose of ergonomics is to design the work environment around people, and not vice versa. Jennifer Hohne, corporate ergonomist for Haworth, Inc., an office furniture design and manufacturing company, expresses concern for a large segment of today's


You are a successful small-business owner, but find yourself handicapped by the size or facilities of your current location. Your product


Steve Roth and his family have built an oil and real estate empire that generates $600 million in revenues annually thanks to a simple strategy: buy and hold.




Look over the shoulder of a clerk in a typical doctor's office and you're likely to see a sea of paper.

SFV Newsmakers

Louis Sulpizio has joined Heller Commercial Services in Glendale as senior vice president. He will focus on developing client relationships and new business opportunities in the Western United States. Sulpizio was previously with Congress Talcott Corp.