Stories for August 2000

Monday, August 21

Women Must Take Healthy Time for Themselves

My grandfather used to say that a girl needs time for herself. Girls have things they need to do. Today it is a frenzy to find time for "girls," females, women to take time for themselves. European women have facials and massages beginning in their ear

SUNKIST---Move to Sell Imported Lemons Has Growers Grumbling

A decision by Sherman Oaks-based Sunkist Growers Association to market Argentine-grown lemons in the U.S. has some member growers questioning the coop's move and arguing it could seriously harm local farmers.

Helping Employees Find the Right Balance

Clearly, finding a balance between one's work and personal life is important to workers today for a myriad of reasons. Whether they are new parents, students, caretakers for elder relatives or have simply reached a point in their lives where they are fin

Valley Clinic in Tight Squeeze

For more than 30 years, thousands of residents of the entire San Fernando Valley have looked to the Valley Community Clinic as their 'family doctor.' The Clinic is a private, non-profit organization whose services are provided at little or no cost to ind

Screening That Detects Calcium In The Arteries

Heart attacks and coronary heart disease are the leading cause of death for men and women in the U.S., taking nearly 500,000 lives annually. Every 33 seconds someone in the US dies of heart disease and 30% will have no apparent risk factors.

PHYSICIANS---Medical Group's New Chief an Unusual Choice

As a physician, Dr. Kenneth Hoffer is a bit of an oddity. He has never had to wrangle with health maintenance organizations or managed care contracts. He hasn't had to deal with the AIDS epidemic or the uninsured, and he hasn't been affected by the county

KVEA---Also-Ran Spanish TV Station Guns for Univision

A young man sets off to make his mark in the world, then returns home to find it near ruin, and vows to restore his homeland's past glory.

Pain Solutions Cheap, But Price of Injury Too High?

Man diFd not evolve with computers. Had our ancestors used e-mail and word processing programs to survive, chances are that we all would have rubber fingers today.

Experience for Hire:How to Choose the Right Consultant

Anyone can hang out a shingle and call himself/herself a consultant, but finding a good one requires some homework. That's because selecting the right consultant is like hiring a key manager , even if the business association is a brief one. That's why it

ITN---Experts on the East


MERCHANDISE---New Robinsons-May Campaign Sets Sights on Youths

With retail sales statistics painting a grim picture for conventional department stores, as young consumers flock to boutiques and discount outlets instead, Robinsons-May is fighting back with a major marketing push.

RETAIL---Eat, Watch and Shop

A few weeks ago, Wolfgang Puck Cafe hung out a new, 17-foot sign. Next month, the restaurant will get a facelift. Fine jeweler Gideon's just remodeled. And the owner of Mahogany Bay is thinking about extending the store's hours well into the evening. The

REAL ESTATE---Four Retail Parcels Scooped Up for Shopping Centers

With the pace of business and residential migration to Valencia continuing unabated, it was only a matter of time before the market for retail properties started to heat up as well.

A Temp May Be The Full-Timer You Need

You may have only considered hiring a temporary for extra help with a project or to fill in for a vacationing employee, but did you know it's also an increasingly common method of recruiting full-time talent. In today's competitive employment environment

PERSONAL FINANCE---Managed Funds Holding a Big Lead Over Major Index

It's not a pretty sight. So far this year, the average managed domestic equity fund has been kicking its bogey, the S & P; 500 index, in the teeth.

LAPD---Agency Tackles Tough Task of Promoting the LAPD

Here's a challenge for any advertising firm: make the Los Angeles Police Department look warm and fuzzy to entice more people to become cops. That was the assignment for Duncan & Associates, a Santa Monica advertising agency that developed a series of TV

LOCATION---Live Near A Bus Stop, Get a Deal

A new program that loosens the home mortgage lending requirements for those who are willing to locate close to public transportation is about to roll out in Los Angeles.

CYBERSENSE---Turning Boring, Beige Computer Boxes Into Artwork

But everybody could use a makeover now and then. For some, a new haircut or cooler clothes will suffice. Others feel the need for a trip to the tattoo parlor or a plastic surgeon.

GLENDALE---Developer Swaps Parcels as Way to End Fight With City

The developers of a proposed housing project and the city of Glendale have reached an unusual agreement to settle a long-running dispute.


Derek Cupanic started Canoga Park-based Computer Doctor in 1985, when far fewer people were buying computers. Back then, the company sold hardware and software. But with the emergence of much larger competitors like Best Buy and Fry's that offer very low


Bad press has caused vitamins and other nutritional supplements to fall out of favor. And that's very bad news for Chatsworth-based Natrol Inc. The company's stock has slipped from a high of $9.38 on Sept. 20 to an all-time low of $2 last week. "Our stock

How Important is Clean Air to Our General Health?

The symptoms are familiar to all those who live in cities where the air is polluted: aching lungs, wheezing, coughing, headache. Millions of residents of the South Coast Basin (which includes Los Angeles, Orange, and parts of San Bernardino and Riverside

BURBANK---Burbank Airport Sees Cargo Total Take Sharp Drop

While cargo volume is soaring at other local airports, it has suddenly and inexplicably taken a nose-dive at Burbank Airport.

Office Comfort Means Healthy Workers

With technological improvements, our workforce encounters conditions such as sore necks, aching backs and painful wrists. These ailments affect employees of all companies, large and small. Companies that are subject to the jurisdiction of the Occupational

Top Banks in SFV

Top Banks in SFV

NEWS---Business Newscast Turns to Web as Way to Stay Alive

In a last-ditch effort to save its 33-year-old local business newscast, Harriscope of Los Angeles is launching its "Business News 22" onto the Internet.

Implementing an Ergonomics Program

Improve conditions at the office and you'll have happier, healthier workers,and higher productivity. Rather than wait for more legislation to mandate conditions at the office, you can begin planning right now to implement a comprehensive ergonomic strateg

CHARACTERS---Spider-Man's Business Brain

Peter Paul has handled the financial affairs of Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol. Now he's the strategist who's building the multimedia cartoon empire of Stan Lee.

Monday, August 7

INCUBATOR---Major Incubator/Office Project Gets the Nod in Pasadena

Pasadena's aspiration to become a biotech hub just got a little closer to reality, with a $125 million biotech incubator/office project being approved for a site next to a future Blue Line station on the city's east side.


In 1991, when Adam Singer answered an ad for a physician to take care of hospitalized patients, he never imagined that he was on the cusp of an emerging industry.

RETAIL---Growth of Sales at Boutiques Belies an Overall Slowdown

Los Angeles-area retail sales are projected to grow less this year than last, though boutique stores seemed to fare better than larger retailers in the first half of 2000.

GAMES---GameWorks Retools to Target Couples, Business People

The president and chief executive of Sega GameWorks readily admits he's inept at playing video games. So when Bension joined the company last fall, he began looking at ways to include games that were more user-friendly for those like himself.

SUBWAY---Business Owners See Slight Uptick Thanks to Subway

Optometrist Thomas Kutrosky has been running his practice at the same location on Weddington Boulevard, a block from the North Hollywood subway station, for 36 years. Since the station opened last month, business has doubled, he says, thanks in part to a

HOTELS---Wealthy Visitors Bring Big Gains to L.A. Luxury Hotels

As the local hotel industry posts another record year, the biggest increase in occupancy is being seen at luxury hotels in Beverly Hills and Santa Monica, where business executives from Europe, Asia and Silicon Valley are checking in while searching for o

APARTMENTS---Apartment Renovators Look to Low-Income Districts

Waiting outside his Pico Rivera apartment building for a ride to work, Jose Olloa says he isn't thrilled about the neighborhood where he lives.

PERSONAL FINANCE---Easy Answer for Retirement Savings: Take Out an IRA

Allow me to introduce Scott Burns' soon-to-be-famous Missing Margarita Plan for making your first million. T-shirts to follow.

DEVELOPMENT---Agoura Hills May Bend Principles for Big-Box Stores

Big-box retailers weren't exactly what the city fathers envisioned when they incorporated Agoura Hills. In fact, they incorporated largely to put the brakes on growth.

DWP---Higher Prices Prompt DWP To Reconsider Deregulation

For much of the past three years, it was pretty much a given that L.A. city officials would deregulate the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power by the year 2003 or risk losing major commercial customers to competitors willing to offer cheaper electric

JAY GELLERT---The Foundation Health Systems Chief Talks About the Company's Turnaround and the State of Healthcare


15 Largest Employers in SFV

15 Largest Employers in SFVlargest employers

CYBERSENSE---King Offers Scary Story in Which Net Users Pay Price

Like all good mysteries, the ending of Stephen King's latest experiment in online distribution is far from clear.

FORECAST---Trade Boom Fuels Strong Economic Forecast for L.A.

The Los Angeles economy is chalking up a year of exceptionally strong growth, according to the latest forecast from the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corp.

HERBS---Covering Herbal Cures

In ancient China, a person suffering from chronic lower-back pain or arthritis might have gone to an acupuncture specialist for a treatment and a prescription of Duhuojishnfang, a 12-herb formula that works by relaxing the muscles and improving circulatio

REAL ESTATE---Big Jump in Valley's Real Estate Values

The total assessed value of real estate in L.A. County rose by 6.7 percent last year, according to a report from the county Assessor's Office, and many of the fastest-growing communities in terms of property values are in the San Fernando Valley.

AEROSPACE---Net Exchange to Boost Contractors, Hurt Subcontractors

The aerospace/defense industry has been very slow to adapt to the world of e-commerce, but that is about to change and L.A.'s community of aerospace subcontractors isn't very happy about it.

WEEKLY BRIEFING---A First Person Account of Running a Small Business

The words "tattoo parlor" used to conjure up dark images of a counter-culture populated by shady characters.

CORPORATE FOCUS---Syncor's Diversification Bid Boosts Image for Investors

A 3-year-old diversification strategy at the once-sleepy little pharmaceuticals company has boosted profits and revenues, impressing analysts and running up the stock price by about 170 percent.

Commercial Brokerage Has Unusual Staff: All Women

By now, most folks have grown accustomed to seeing a smattering of women in real estate brokerages. But the newly opened Sherman Oaks office of Daum Commercial Real Estate Services is another matter entirely.

SCHOOLS---VICA to School Board: Lay Off Business

Valley business owners are more than a little tired of the Los Angeles Unified School District's efforts to take over commercial sites to build new schools. So they're fighting back.