Stories for July 2000

Monday, July 24

Apartment Building Boom Leaves Poor People Behind

Apartment construction in L.A. County remains steady at the highest levels since 1990, according to the most recent statistics compiled by the Construction Industry Research Board. Much of the activity is taking place near the urban core of Los Angeles, w

CYBERSENSE---Coming Satellite Radio Will Revolutionize Industry

It's easy to take for granted the riches that have been delivered to our doorsteps by improvements in entertainment technology.

Neighborhood Council Delays Irk Residents

The effort to create neighborhood councils, the single most important charter reform for those seeking to prevent the San Fernando Valley from seceding, has become mired in political bickering and confusion. The result: The very grassroots activists who w

Snyder Proposes Big Office Project On Controversial Agoura Hills Site

A plan to develop an office center on an Agoura Hills site that has seen a number of proposed developments come and go seems to have captured the interest of city officials, at least initially.

Switch to Cosmetic Work Has Dentists Smiling

A few years ago, Dr. Bernie Villadiego saw 15 to 20 patients a day, made treatment decisions based on what insurance companies would reimburse, and, ultimately, grew cranky and bored.

Study Says Tech Corridor Should Concentrate on P.R.

The Los Angeles tech corridor, concentrated along the Ventura (101) Freeway from the West San Fernando Valley to eastern Ventura County, is one of the 50 fastest-growing technology regions in the nation. But few people know it, according to a study to be

REAL ESTATE---Firm Intends to Transform Complex Into Tech Campus

The Hileman Co. has acquired a 169,000-square-foot office-manufacturing complex in Thousand Oaks that it plans to transform into a new 275,000-square-foot, low-density technology campus.

Contractor With A Conscience

martha diaz aszkenazy stays nearly as busy with community affairs as with running her san fernando construction firm, pueblo contracting

After CRA Fiasco, Area Eyes Revitalization Options

Marlene Grossman was counting on Northeast Valley redevelopment to push forward efforts by her group, Pacoima Beautiful, to fix storm drains in the area that often back up, flooding school grounds and streets.

DNA Breakthrough Means Good Times for BioSource

Camarillo-based Biosource International, a maker of medical supplies for the biomedical industry, has been quietly plugging along for the last decade attracting little attention from the outside world.

Divorcing? Arrested? New Web Firm Gives Solutions

Seated on a couch in his Sherman Oaks office on a recent morning, Henry Dahut talked about the genesis of his Internet startup as his three-man documentary crew recorded the event for posterity's sake.

Office Tenants Looking to Older, Class-B Buildings

Over the past two years, as the office real estate market recovered from the recession of the 1990s, many second-tier buildings in the San Fernando Valley lagged behind.

Office Supplies On Demand


Seven Laws on Managing Money Remain Unchanged

Twenty years ago, I sat down at a Royal typewriter in the Harrison Avenue offices of the Boston Herald American. It was my first job at a newspaper, and I wrote my first 700 words as a newspaper personal finance columnist.

Really Rapid Transit

Rina Maya has a very unusual expression on her face. She's smiling. Not tentatively, but broadly. What makes her expression unusual is that she's riding an L.A. metro bus. And she's not the only one smiling. Maya is one of an unexpectedly large and grow

Monday, July 10

Victory by Fox in Mexico Could Aid L.A. Economy

As Mexico revels in its biggest political overhaul in more than 70 years, it's looking like the Los Angeles economy could also become a big winner as a result of the landmark election.

ADVERTISING --- Competing Networks Eye NBC's In-House Ad Effort

The NBC Agency, a division of the NBC Inc., handles more than $1 billion in promotional airtime for the company's diverse broadcasting, Internet and cable assets.

FOREIGNERS --- Foreigners Making More Investments in Start-Up Firms

Local startups are finding that overseas investors can be a much more agreeable source of funding than U.S.-based venture capital firms or angel investors.

Valley Talk

There's an old saying in advertising: "50 percent of my advertising expense is wasted. I just don't know which 50 percent."

The Planner

The Encino Chamber of Commerce holds a seminar titled, "Public Speaking: The Art of Being Remembered." The event runs from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. at the Encino Chamber of Commerce headquarters, 4933 Balboa Blvd., Encino. Information: (818) 789-4711.

CORPORATE FOCUS --- Drastic Measure Have Made A Difference at 3D Systems

Valencia-based 3D Systems Corp. is proof that it's possible to turn a company around in a remarkably short period of time: All you have to do is fire your entire management team, radically cut expenses and pray the market for your product makes a giant co

Business Improvement Districts

Business Improvement Districts

Valley Firm Sells Lots of Domain Names for P

Procter & Gamble Co., the largest U.S. maker of household products, plans to sell almost 100 Internet domain names through, a Chatsworth auction site.

PROFILE --- Head of the Class

As new president of cal state northridge, jolene koester must tackle a host of issues ranging from a north campus biotech center to the building of a football stadium

Columns & Features --- Newsmakers

Kim Ashton has been named project manager at Burbank-based Dick Clark Communications Inc. She will be responsible for various functions, including supervising communications between clients and the company team, and serving as the primary contact for clie

Columns & Features --- Personal Finance --- Actions on Several Fronts Could Help Teachers Save

Schoolteachers cope with two major problems: low salaries that make it difficult to save in the first place, and cost-ridden savings plans that can make their work life look like Fat City compared to their retirement income. Now there are glimmers of hope

Greenspan's Moves Producing Soft Economic Landing

The Economic Gods must be looking down on Alan Greenspan and smiling. Or is it the other way around?

Ailing ENutrition Joins Slew of Dot-Coms Making Cuts

Health supplements promise to do just about everything these days except boost sinking dot-coms.

The Digest

Facing possible impeachment for misuse of Northridge earthquake insurance settlement funds, Insurance Commissioner Chuck Quackenbush resigned June 28. He still could face civil and criminal charges over accusations that he used money from an insurance set

Sound Stages Are Seen As Sanctuary From Picketers

It's commercial producers' latest tactic in their ongoing quest to avoid being hassled by protestors in the 11-week-old strike by actors against the advertising industry: Shoot commercials in the sanctuary of private sound stages, rather than on city stre

TALK --- CRA 40 pt 2 deck

Even as the L.A. City Council temporarily pulled the plug on a huge San Fernando Valley redevelopment project area last week after questioning the ability of the Community Redevelopment Agency to pull it off, the CRA is quietly moving to expand its scope

REDEVELOPMENT --- Despite Setbacks, CRA Seeks to Expand Powers

Even though huge San Fernando Valley redevelopment project area seems dead in the water after a City Council committee questioned the ability of the Community Redevelopment Agency to pull it off, the CRA is quietly moving to expand its scope of influence

RELAXATION --- Ruthless Relaxation

Nancy Corcoran remembers when the only people who practiced yoga were, in her words, "weirdos."

Columns & Features --- Cybersense --- Cross-Platform Spamming Is Latest Scourge of Media

For some reason, the appearance of junk e-mail in our computers' in boxes inspires anger much greater than our annoyance at junk mail, telephone salesmen or any other real-world equivalent.

HEALTH --- Hospital Aims To Get Kids Out of Its ER

Northridge Hospital Medical Center is trying a novel experiment that is being closely watched by other hospitals trying to ease conditions for thin-stretched emergency room staff.

The List --- Business improvement districts

The creation of business improvement districts reached fever pitch in the Valley in 1999, with seven new BIDs approved in neighborhoods stretching from Studio City to Reseda.

Bankruptcy Lawyers Struggling in Strong Economy

The condor, the kangaroo rat and the blunt-nosed leopard lizard are just some of the animals considered endangered in this state, but there's another species that could be added to the list: the California bankruptcy attorney.

Real Estate Column --- Jarco Hires Broker to Find Tenants for NoHo Project

It's put up or shut up time for Jarco/SLG & G; LLC, developer of a proposed 500,000-square-foot retail and entertainment complex on a 42-acre site in North Hollywood's Television, Arts and Entertainment district.

WEB --- B2B Ground Breakers

Five years ago, when the Internet was still in its infancy, Robert V. Johnson had a hunch.

MUSIC --- Struggling Record Label at DreamWorks Turns to Net

Despite the slate of industry heavy-hitters at the helm, the music division of DreamWorks SKG has not translated considerable critical acclaim into blowout record sales.