Stories for March 2000

Monday, March 20

Time to Update Your Web Site?

So, you have a web site. Have you really taken a look at it lately? Was your last entry in your "Press Releases" section from 1999? Has anyone commented on it recently?

M. DAVID PAUL--despite a slowdown in entertainment industry leasing, developer m. david paul Still has big plans for the former site of the skunk works

In 1998, just as the entertainment industry started to rein in much of its office expansion, M. David Paul & Associates was knee-deep in its latest development the 650,000-square-foot Media Studios North at the former site of the Lockheed Skunk Works p

AIRPORT--Will Airport Accident End Expansion Holding Pattern?

When a Southwest Airlines commuter jet ran off the runway at Burbank Airport and smashed into a nearby gas station earlier this month, it made more than a dramatic visual on the nightly news: It provided more ammunition for airport officials who want a ne

WEISER LITHO--facing a host of competition in its core business,weiser litho took off by branching into ad design

When Weiser Litho opened in Westlake Village in 1987, it faced stiff competition: Within a two-square-mile radius were 13 other print shops.


Lydia Kennard was promoted to executive director of Los Angeles World Airports. She will be responsible for strategic direction and operations for Los Angeles International Airport, Ontario International Airport, Van Nuys Airport and Palmdale Regional Air

CYBERSENSE--Can Commoners Hang With 'Brainiacs' on Web Panel?

If you want to have a say in the only group that can lay claim to governing the Internet, you're going to have to do a little homework.

CORPORATE FOCUS--GenesisIntermedia's Kiosks Gain Respect on Wall Street

When Inc. went public in August, it looked like the initial offering was a bust. The stock opened at $8.50 a share, but promptly dropped to $5 and hovered there for several months. But what a difference a few weeks can make for stock

Technology Prioritizes Steps to Success

There you are, driving along the freeway. Not a care in the world. You know exactly where you're going. Just then, with one wrong exit, you're hopelessly lost. No need to panic. You simply flip on your car's electronic mapping device, punch in your destin

MALL--Trendy Changes Finally Sprouting at Promenade Mall

One and a half years after being acquired by a new owner, Shoppingtown at Woodland Hills Promenade is beginning to take shape.

Write Effective E-Mails!

Electronic communication, due to its speed and broadcasting ability, is fundamentally different from paper-based communication such as letters and memos. Because the other person's response time capability is so fast, e-mail is more "conversational" than

High Broker Fees Bring No Promise of Strong Returns

Question: When I left my previous company, I rolled my $400,000 401(k) into a Merrill Lynch IRA with the broker who represented the 401(k) plan. He wants me to put the money with one or more money managers who would charge a 2 percent fee, and he has give

Valley Forum

With tax time fast approaching, people now have to decide whether to give up weekends to prepare their taxes at home or hand it all off to a professional. Either way, the most dreaded day of the year, April 15, is just around the corner. So the San Fernan

The Digest

Tejon Ranch Co. signed a definitive agreement with three major real estate developers to create a 4,000-acre master-planned community in north Los Angeles County near Interstate 5, State Highway 138, and Quail Lake.

Woodland Hills Development Opportunity on Block

A boarded-up office building sandwiched between the glossy glass high-rises of Warner Center may finally be coming down.

GROWTH--Foes of Ahmanson Ranch Targeting WaMu in Seattle

Fueled by a boost in donations from their first radio campaign against Washington Mutual Inc., foes of the huge Ahmanson Ranch housing development are planning a second campaign attacking the Seattle bank's environmental record.

Citigroup Lured Rubin With an Enormous Paycheck

A lot of people wondered why Bob Rubin, who had already gone through brilliant careers as head of Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Secretary of the Treasury, would want to become the consigliere of Sandy Weill at Citigroup.

The Briefing

Despite what the makers of Sprite say in their TV ads, the people at Boardwalk believe image is everything. The Glendale-based design firm specializes in creating logos for entertainment companies and includes among its clients The WB network, NFL Propert

The Planner

The Los Angeles Headquarters Association holds a symposium on future development in Valencia and elsewhere in the Santa Clarita Valley. The conference starts at 11:30 a.m. at the Hotel Inter-Continental, 251 S. Olive St., Los Angeles. Information: (323) 6

When Your Computer Crashes

It will happen to you sooner or later , if not already. Your PC becomes hopelessly locked up refusing to respond to your keyboard or mouse commands. Now your stumped. The salesman mentioned nothing about this. And, the manuals you received with the compu

How to Shop for Business Application Software

About the only thing you can't get online today is a haircut. Technology is changing faster than mutating flu viruses with more choices than car models in America. As the playing field changes, so does the way you do business or go the way of the dinosa

RESEARCH--Going to the Mann

Add CTL ImmunoTherapies Corp. to the list of companies that have gone from zero to hero thanks to the Midas-like touch of biotechnology entrepreneur Alfred Mann.

INTRACOM--System Lets Doctors Make Diagnoses Via the Internet

Quite a few unlikely things have been made possible by the advent of the Internet, but few would have foretold that the technology would lead to medical exams in which patient and doctor would never have to meet in person.

The Pacesetter

Once again, First American Title Co. of Los Angeles tops the list of the Valley's biggest title companies. First American reached a peak in 1998, with an all-time record of $11 billion in the value of mortgages insured. While still number one on the list,

TIMES--Secessionists Hope Tribune Will Be Kinder

While some may mourn the sale of the Los Angeles Times to the Chicago-based Tribune Co., secessionists are hoping the proposed merger will soften what they see as the Times' steadfast opposition to a municipal breakup.

Valley Talk

It's spring. Birds are chirping, the sun is shining and temperatures in the San Fernando Valley are climbing.

If You Build It Will They Come?

Deciding to build a Website to get your company online is an important decision in this burgeoning digital age. However, simply having a Website is no longer enough to get you noticed. The vast quantity of Websites on the Internet quickly obscures the q

OFFICE--Developer of Offices Wins After Losing

At first, the developer of Calabasas Park Centre envisioned an office complex that would mirror Warner Center in Woodland Hills a sprawling commercial hub with tall skyscrapers rising into the clouds.

WELLPOINT--Leak May Have Killed WellPoint's Aetna Takeover Bid

Within hours after WellPoint Health Networks Inc. launched a $10 billion bid to acquire Aetna Inc., details of the Thousand Oaks company's Feb. 24 letter of interest were leaked to the media.

Sunday, March 19

JOBS---Providing a Job Is No Panacea

A word to the factory floor manager and 50 potential recruits will line up at the company's Panorama City offices the following day.

Monday, March 6

Valley Forum

With a close horse race between John McCain and George W. Bush for the Republican nomination, California's vote in the March 7 primary will actually have a major impact on the race for a change. But, the real presidential election is still eight months aw

MINIMED - Wall Street Optimistic Over MiniMed's Coming Device

MiniMed Inc. has once again caught fire on Wall Street, with its stock more than doubling from $50 in December to $115 as of last week.

LABOR - Shortage of Skilled Workers Puts Squeeze on Business

There are some places in L.A. County where the unemployment rate is 2.7 percent and there are some places where it's 11.5 percent. But no matter what the location, L.A. employers countywide face the same predicament: Not enough qualified workers.

Women-Owned Businesses

Women-Owned Businesses

NAMES - What's in a Name? Some Web Firms Begin to Wonder

Before launched last month, the company registered about 100 domain names.

Valley Talk

When 99 Cents Only Stores Inc. was looking for a site for one of its new stores, the company decided to move into wealthy Woodland Hills, of all places.

The Briefing

Ira Lippman has been running Peggy Woods Pet Emporium in Burbank, which is named after its original proprietor, a Hollywood actress, since 1973. But things have changed a lot since then. Today, his biggest challenge has been competing with the pet superst

AIRPORT - City and FAA at Loggerheads over Burbank Airport

When Burbank Airport and the city of Burbank hammered out a compromise last August to allow development of a new air terminal, officials on both sides said the decades-long controversy was headed for resolution.

Brokered CDs Are Insured, Taking Away Credit Risks

Question: You have written about "brokered CDs" several times. I currently have $40,000 in six-month Treasury bills and would like to look into brokered CDs. Where do I get them, and is there a fee that would offset the interest difference between them an

Controversial Porter Ranch Shopping Center Filling Up

After pickets and construction delays, the Porter Ranch Town Center finally seems to be coming together.

Women-owned businesses San Fernando Valley-based; ranked by 1999 revenues

For the San Fernando Valley's largest women-owned businesses, 1999 was a good year. Every business ranked by the Business Journal reported an increase in revenues over 1998, and many reported significant increases.

ANIMATION - Animators Turn to Web in Effort to Build an Audience

When Renegaade Animation Inc. decided two years ago to change its business from producing animated commercials to cartoon television shows, it faced a long and expensive journey.

CSUN Chasing Its Tail On North Campus Plan

In the last two years, Cal State Northridge officials have changed plans for the future of a 65-acre plot of open land, dubbed North Campus, more times than most college students change majors.

OFFICE - Individuals Returning to Office Sector

Real estate investment trusts may be buying fewer properties, but that's certainly not cooling off the sales market for office buildings in the San Fernando Valley.

CORPORATE FOCUS - Newhall Land Seeks New Life With Stock Buyback

They say you can't buy respect, but don't tell that to Newhall Land & Farming Co.


With a little help from the Irs, aims to convince filers to do their returns on the web rather than go to h & r; block

Homecoming for a HomeBuilder

The native Angeleno has decided to move the company he heads, the Ryland Group, from Baltimore, where it was founded, to its new headquarters in Calabasas Park Centre. California, says the chairman, president and CEO of the $1.96 billion homebuilder, is w

Net Effect Connects PC Users With Online Salespeople

E-mail chat has been a common feature of the Internet for years, but when was the last time you were able to chat with a real live customer-service representative on an e-commerce site, in real time?

The Planner

California is expected to play a decisive role in the Republican presidential race between George W. Bush and John McCain. Voters also will decide the fate of bond measures worth billions of dollars.

The Digest

Thousand Oaks-based Wellpoint Health Networks Inc. made an offer to buy out Aetna Inc. in a $10.3 billion stock and cash deal.

Small Town Takes Stand Against Internet Censorship

Most big-city types probably figure they know more about the Internet than anyone living in a small, rural town like Holland, Mich.

RETAIL - Discount Turf War

The city of Lancaster has agreed to pony up $3.9 million in subsidies and use its power of eminent domain to evict a 99 Cents Only store so the city's only Costco outlet can expand.

County Officials Unprepared for Economic Downturn

One of the amazing things about elected officials is their superb knack for blotting out unpleasant memories of past financial hard times. And that's certainly true with the L.A. County Board of Supervisors.

INFLUENCE - Santa Clarita Bids to Increase Influence on Surroundings

As the biggest housing development in Los Angeles County history moves closer to reality, the nearby city of Santa Clarita is looking for more say in that and other projects in its vicinity.


2. The index, generated by First American Real Estate Solutions, is based on a statistical model that tracks the resale value of a preselected group of homes and is considered by the industry to be a more accurate measure than either the average or median

Sunday, March 5


Capstone Turbine Corp. has signed a distribution agreement for the United Kingdom and Ireland with Advantica Technologies Ltd., formerly BG Technology Ltd. Advantica will buy 250 power systems from Capstone over the next two years.

Valley Talk

For better or worse, City Councilman Alex Padilla is on almost everybody's list of political up-and-comers: Good looks, an engineering degree from MIT, local-boy-done-good charisma and not an opponent to be found in the upcoming council election.