Stories for November 2000

Monday, November 27

LAWSUIT---99 Cents Only Fights Eminent Domain Battle

Plans that Lancaster city officials had to dump one retailer for another that would generate more sales tax revenue may have backfired.

LOANS---Pacoima Small Businesses Have Few Crime Concerns

It wasn't that long ago that Josefina Salazar experienced a couple break-ins a year at her Pacoima beauty parlor. But it was never enough to drive the owner of Lirita's Beauty Salon on Amboy Avenue out of business.

INTERNET---Firms Face Hard Times After Public Stock Offerings

The days of the gilded IPO are long gone, no question. But even after the fall, a number of Valley companies are bravely going public.

The Briefing

One of the biggest hurdles any start-up business has to jump is finding space to house a new company. When he went looking for office space, Gregg Steiner realized that what was available just wasn't going to work for his young company. So Steiner who, wi

TOYS---Just Wait 'Til Next Year

At Woodland Hills toy houses Applause Holding Co. and Funrise Corp., December is crunch time. Santa's little retail elves may be busy churning out Razor scooters and Sony PlayStation 2s for this holiday season, but Santa's toy makers are already preparing

CLOTHING---Suiting Shoppers Just Fine

paul jardin usa, realizing that men shop for suits only on certain days, changed its business accordingly

COMPANIES---Industry Mix Evident With Top 25 Firms

The San Fernando Valley may be typecast as an entertainment-industry hub, but the Business Journal's list of fastest growing private companies helps demonstrate the area's diversity as a business community.

Personal Finance---Even With a Very Anxious Market, Full Steam Ahead

As chief equity officer for the AIM family of mutual funds, Edgar M. Larsen is responsible for some $125 billion in stocks. The firm, now a veritable fund armada, is further evidence that investment money is sailing west. With little attention, AIM has be

CENTERS---Shopping Centers for Sale Are Getting Harder to Find

After several years of frenetic activity, the retail shopping center investment market finally has slowed down.

RETAIL---Fast-Growing Tarzana Firm Digs Up Retailing Gold

In today's highly saturated retail market, a lot of shopping centers are in big trouble. Many are outdated. Others aren't pedestrian friendly. Still others don't provide the right type or mix of stores.

AMUSEMENT---Valley Parks Prepare for New Challenge From Disney

The theory behind California Adventure, Walt Disney Co.'s new $1.4 billion Anaheim theme park, is simple:

Real Estate Column---Senior Housing Complexes Planned for Sherman Oaks

By this time next year, the population of Sherman Oaks is likely to grow larger and grayer.

CRIME---Bank Looks for Business in Minority Communities

Throughout the nation, the minority business community is enjoying an enormous boom. One bank and a couple of government agencies are hoping to help bring that boom to the Northeast Valley.

CORPORATE FOCUS---Qualstar Corp.

Sixteen years ago, William Gervais started Qualstar to develop and sell a product that now sounds downright quaint: data-recording technology involving nine-track tape drives.

Cybersense---Expect More Confusion As New Domains Are Named

Like most kids this time of year, Internet geeks and online entrepreneurs have been itching for some new toys.

BANKING---Real Personal Banking

At First Western Bank, it's not unusual for customers to wander up to the second floor and pop into the president's office just to chat.

Monday, November 13


For Woodland Hills-based Vertel Corp., a wireless telecommunications software developer, the last year on Wall Street has been a roller-coaster ride.

ECONOMY---Entertainment Dominance May Cause Instability

Business in the San Fernando Valley couldn't be better, according to a report released by Cal State Northridge. But L.A. County's top economist said an over-reliance on the entertainment industry and some other nagging problems could cause trouble in the

AIRPORT---Airport: Burbank Vote Limits Expansion

It's been 10 years and counting. Now the Burbank Airport Authority has yet one more hurdle that could delay any expansion deal it reaches with the city of Burbank.

Personal Finance---How the Fund Industry Can Benefit from Survival Bias

In mutual fund families, the ugly children die. Funds with poor performance and funds suffering from shareholder redemptions are discreetly led out of public view. Then they are merged into similar funds that are more successful. Others are simply liquida

LAWYERS---Lawyers Are Looking For Quake Work

Just weeks after Gov. Gray Davis signed a bill allowing homeowners to re-file claims from the Northridge earthquake, the smell of carrion is in the air.

Cybersense---Do Not Expect Napster Fans to Start Paying for Play

There's an old saying involving cows and free milk that applies nicely to the online music marketplace.

RESTAURANTS---All in the Family

nick montano and his two sisters have inherited more than just a restaurant from their late father: They learned to run it his way

The Briefing

In Louisiana, laissez les bon temps rouler means "let the good times roll." For Charlie Hoover, co-owner with his wife Ava and friend Craig Chambers of Phidippides, the motto might be more appropriately amended to "let the good times run."

ART---Art for Business' Sake

Karl Abramovic is explaining the meaning behind the painting he has just completed: It's a king pushing a hot dog cart. "I did it for people starting their own business and striving to move up and do better," he says. The symbolism might just as well refe

COLLEGE---Community Colleges Find Media Play Nets Students

Seeking to attract an increasingly mobile population with more educational options than ever before, San Fernando Valley community colleges are embarking on mass media advertising campaigns to lure students.

CHINA---Valley Companies Want Part of New China Trade Era

Sun Valley businessman Jack Naldjian went to China last month, hoping to tap into a new market for his car alarms and remote car stereos. Now back at home in the San Fernando Valley, the owner of Delta Vehicle Security is still talking with business count

TITAN---Feds Move to Shut Down Web 'Scams'

A San Fernando Valley company has been shut down and put into receivership by the Federal Trade Commission, after a year-long investigation of dot-com businesses.

Real Estate Column---Conejo Valley Commercial Sale Prices Getting Steeper

Skyrocketing rental rates for office and R & D; buildings in the Conejo Valley have driven up sale prices for those properties dramatically.

EYEGLASSES---Eyeglass Firm Moves to Counter Lasik Surgery Trend

For three decades, Rem Eyewear has served two generations of its family ownership well.

ONLINE---Eye on the Prize

In September, Digital Insight Corp. landed in the No. 1 spot on the Deloitte & Touche ranking of 50 fastest growing technology companies in the L.A. area, clocking a growth rate of 19,793 percent since its founding five years ago.

BUYOUT---Rapid Expansion at Intellisys Forces Company's Sale

Westlake Village-based Intellisys Group, which over the past decade had built itself into one of the nation's leading servicers of audio-visual equipment, has financially hit the wall and will likely be acquired out of bankruptcy on Nov. 13 by Dayton, Ohi

INTERNET---WellPoint-EarthLink Deal to Aid Brokers, Customers

Thousand Oaks-based WellPoint Health Networks Inc. has struck a unique partnership with EarthLink to give its estimated 40,000 insurance agents and brokers access to a bundle of Internet services at a discounted price.