Stories for September 2000

Monday, September 18

CROPS---With land to spare, new markets and increasing demand, Antelope Valley farms are expanding

For some years now, the Antelope Valley has been trying to lure business to the region. The bad news is, those efforts have met with only limited success.

Commercial Lease Pitfalls And How To Avoid Them

Today's soft commercial real estate market has created many opportunities for savvy companies, yet, with opportunity comes risk. And it's a situation that most managers will soon face. Because every year seven percent of the nation's commercial real estat

SELLOFF---Insiders at Digital Insight have unloaded about 20 percent of their equity in the Calabasas company

Seven company insiders at fast-growing Digital Insight Corp. have simultaneously unloaded almost 20 percent of their equity in the company, netting them a total of $76.9 million.

CUISINE TO YOU---It's All in the Delivery

actor glen steele was working too hard landing roles to run his takeout business, so he changed gears and turned things around

DEVELOPMENT---Tejon Ranch Builder Talks About Bold Plan for Future

Decades from now, when historians and academicians look back on the development of Los Angeles County, Bob Stine, the head of Tejon Ranch Co., could be remembered as a visionary or a dreamer.

SOFTWARE---Elabor found that if it couldn't beat Microsoft, it might as well join it

A couple of years ago, officials at Camarillo-based software-maker (then jeTech Data Systems) decided it was time to transition their time-management and employee-management software to the Internet.

POWER---The summer heat wave is a boon for companies that make energy-efficient products

For years, executives at Culver City-based Bristol Park Industries had seen relatively modest gains in sales of their chief product: a transformer designed to reduce the amount of electricity needed to power interior building lights.

LAW---The hit film 'Erin Brockovich' has helped put attorney Ed Masry front and center in environmental law

Edward L. Masry only intended to do a favor for a friend when he found himself hip deep in alligators back in 1993.

NEWHALL---Newhall Land & Farming Co.'s stock buyback plan is hitting a number of stumbling blocks

A year into an aggressive stock buyback program aimed at boosting its share price, Valencia-based mega-developer Newhall Land & Farming Co. has hit a series of stumbling blocks that have slowed down the repurchase plan and further sunk its stock. Trouble

Personal Finance---Check the Math Before You Buy Candidates' Tax Plans

One of the superior talents of politicians is their capacity for giving away money that does not exist. In this, Al Gore and George W. Bush clearly qualify, with George W. the more ambitious. George W. has weighed in with a 10-year, $1.3 trillion tax cut

Navigating a Commercial Lease Agreement

For most businesses, large and small, a real estate lease represents a major commitment. It is a commitment that goes beyond the financial outlay: it circumscribes the location of the business, the expansion opportunities, the operating environment, and o

Real Estate---Packaging Firm Boosts Warehouse Space With Purchase

A local manufacturer of industrial packaging has added a sixth facility in the San Fernando Valley, an expansion designed to accommodate the changing landscape for warehousing these goods.

Lighting Can Make A Difference In Your Office

A factor often overlooked in eyestrain problems is lighting and glare. Studies have shown that workers rate good lighting as the single most important aspect of the office environment. This is followed by air quality and comfortable chairs. Improper light

New Technology Firms And Their Impact Upon Commercial Real Estate

Demand for office and Research and Development Space in the Los Angeles Basin is surging, growing at a pace that rivals that of the late 1980s. Much of the growth in demand is coming from "new technology firms" & #173; firms that are tapping into opportunities

CORPORATE FOCUS---Pinnacle Entertainment Inc

The fate of Glendale-based casino operator Pinnacle Entertainment Inc. (formerly Hollywood Park Inc.) is all but sealed.

Monday, September 4

MOTORCYCLES---Motorcycle Icon Makes Waves in Sherman Oaks

At about ten minutes past 10 a.m. on the first day the store opened, a customer walked into the Indian Motorcycle dealership on Ventura Boulevard in Sherman Oaks and plunked down his credit card.

Experience for Hire:How to Choose the Right Consultant

Anyone can hang out a shingle and call himself/herself a consultant, but finding a good one requires some homework. That's because selecting the right consultant is like hiring a key manager , even if the business association is a brief one. That's why it

Helping Employees Find the Right Balance

Clearly, finding a balance between one's work and personal life is important to workers today for a myriad of reasons. Whether they are new parents, students, caretakers for elder relatives or have simply reached a point in their lives where they are fin

Sharpened Skills Can Help You Get Promoted

The trip up the corporate ladder for accounting and finance professionals has become a broader leap.

SUBURBS---Santa Clarita: Urban Jungle?

John and Patti Tohill are packing up and moving out. They've had it with the traffic, the crowds, the stress and anonymity of urban living. They want space, a view of something other than their neighbors' backyard, and a community to call home.

ORANGES---Orange Growers Fall on Hard Times in Tough Market

Orange sales in Ventura County are so bad this year, citrus growers are giving their crops away.

SURVEYS---Valley Grills Candidates For Mayor

With the threat of secession giving newfound political power to the San Fernando Valley, local business and political organizations are grilling candidates about their positions on key Valley issues as never before. More than a year before voters head for

SWINGSET PRESS---Cool Stuff for Kids

founded by a husband and wife team, Swingset press has realized strong Growth By coming up with Products for 'tweens' who have sizeaBLE allowances and little ELSE to spend it on except themselves

WEIDER---Weider Publications Bulk Up on Ad Sales, Circulation

Optimum Nutrition Inc., a sports nutrition supplement manufacturer, runs the same ad offering free samples of some of its products in four different exercise magazines, but at least 75 percent of the responses it gets come from only one of them: Joe Weide

CORPORATE FOCUS---Acquisition of Key Product Gives Firm Shot in the Arm

Chatsworth-based North American Scientific Inc. is gaining admirers on Wall Street.

MORTGAGES---Tiny Loan Delinquency Rate Reflects Strong Economy

Commercial mortgage lenders are having themselves a worry-free summer this year. According to the most recent data from the California Mortgage Bankers Association, the statewide delinquency ratio for commercial real estate loans dropped to a minuscule 0.

FORECLOSURES---Internet Foreclosure Company Hoping for Worse Times

While pundits debate whether the economy may be cooling, one company is gearing up to take advantage of the worst-case scenario.

LEASES---Landlords No Longer Willing to Cut a Deal for Tenants

Not long ago, an office landlord would reach deep into his pockets to keep a tenant whose lease had come up for renewal. Today, many tenants are finding nothing more than a hard-nosed stare as they gaze across the bargaining table.

PERSONAL FINANCE---In Tech World, Great Fund Returns Can Go Unnoticed

You've probably heard about Nicholas Applegate Global Technology fund (up 494 percent in 1999), Van Waggoner Emerging Growth fund (up 291 percent in 1999), and PBHG Technology and Communication fund (up 244 percent in 1999). Heroes all.

REAL ESTATE---Another Tech Firm In Hunt for Space Along Corridor

Another technology operation is on the prowl in the Ventura (101) Freeway Corridor.

HEALTHCARE---Health Care Watchdog

As director of the newly created state department of managed care, daniel zingale is being closely watched by other states eyeing reforms like those he'll be enforcing

A Temp May Be The Full-Timer You Need

You may have only considered hiring a temporary for extra help with a project or to fill in for a vacationing employee, but did you know it's also an increasingly common method of recruiting full-time talent. In today's competitive employment environment

THEATERS---Era of Theater-Anchored Malls Could Be Ending

If it were a movie plot, the predicament facing L.A.-area cineplexes would be a real nail-biter.