Stories for February 2002

Monday, February 18

Voit Out of Warner Center Deal After Dropping Price

Voit drops out of the bidding for Warner Center properties on the market

What to Do About Rising Business Health Care Costs

Commentary - Guest Column: Cal Lockett

Here's Hoping Vision 2020 Is as Exciting as It Sounds

Editorial: From The Newsroom - Michael Hart

Biotechs Struggle for Venture Capital

Startups in the biotech sector need help getting their message out to non-scientific-thinking venture capitalists.

Valley Forum: How's the Real Estate Market?

During the past four or five years, commercial real estate brokers in the San Fernando Valley have been busy. Activity may have slowed a bit in 2001, but there were still substantial deals made. So, a month and a half into the new year, the San Fernando V

Long Wait Seen For Any Pickup In Pace of Deals - Valley Commercial Real Estate Scene

With vacancy rates climbing and corporate malaise lingering, real estate developers and landlords are digging in for a long year ahead.

San Fernando Bails Out Local Frozen Food Firm

The city of San Fernando has asked the Valley Economic Development Corp. for help saving a frozen food manufacturer that employs 150 and has been in business in the city for a half century.

Team of Brokers Benefits From the Drive to Valencia

The Valley Commercial Real Estate Scene: Brokers Doug Sonderegger and Craig Peters are working their way through 25 million square feet of industrial space in Valencia.

Galleria, Empire Center Introduce New Era in Malls

Two major retail projects opened in the San Fernando Valley this year with similar strategies: mix the office with the shopping.

Newhall Land Markets Biotech in Order to Sell Property

Newhall Land and Farming is promoting the biotech industry to drum up real estate

Real Estate Awards

Top Brokers of the Valley

At the Top: Brokers Who Made the Big Deals in 2001

The Valley Commercial Real Estate Scene: Who are the 35 real estate professionals who lead the field?

On Top of the Territory - Valley Commercial Real Estate Scene

Brian Forster, one of the busiest brokers in the state, talks about some of the deals that have changed his career.

The Valley's 2001 Commercial Real Estate Winners

The Valley Commercial Real Estate Scene. Plus: How 2001 Real Estate Award Winners Were Determined

Fulcrum Microsystems Expands With Move to Calabasas

After outgrowing its last location, three-month-old startup Fulcrum Microsystems is finally settling into a new home in Calabasas.

People Interview: Homeward Bound

As Speaker Robert Hertzberg's work in Sacramento comes to a close, he begins to focus on issues closer to home in the San Fernando Valley

The Digest


Monday, February 4

TDK Profits From Electronic Arts Turndown of "Shrek"

Coming off its first profitable quarter after three consecutive losing ones, TDK Mediactive Inc. CEO Vincent Bitetti can thank his luck for noticing a picture of something called "Shrek" on a studio wall a couple of years ago.


RGEB Inc. was formed in 1996 when Renee Glickman decided to leave Blue Cross of California after 15 years as a regional manager.

How a Techie Followed the Money to Win Brokers Over

One of the things that I've always liked about covering the real estate scene in the San Fernando Valley is just how easy it is to get brokers to talk about their deals.

Commentary: Are You Still Shopping at K-Mart?

The bankruptcy filing by K-Mart and the closing of countless Toys R' Us outlets are just the most recent indications that the retail industry may be undergoing some major changes. So, the San Fernando Valley Business Journal asks: As a consumer, have the

Inside Baseball Over Breakup Terminology Too Late

Commentary: From The Newsroom by Michael Hart

City Union Chief Takes "No Questions Asked" Stance

Representatives of the Service Employees International Union Local 347 have backed down on their earlier vow to request a formal audit of the Comprehensive Fiscal Analysis report released last month by the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO), the ag

Interview: Hahn and His "Great City"

Mayor James Hahn is putting in overtime to see the San Fernando Valley remains part of a Los Angeles he's worked a lifetime to lead.

Small Business: Special Delivery to the Bottom Line

After the tech fallout cut revenues by a third, a Moorpark quality assurance firm concentrated on helping clients move products to market more quickly.

In Down Market, Financial Advisors' Worth Is Up

A few years ago, some of Stanley R. Cohen's clients complained they were getting returns of only 30 percent when their friends were doubling their money in the stock market.

Playboy Breaks Ground on New $25M Studio

Playboy Entertainment Group is building a 110,000-square-foot state-of-the-art digital production studio in Atwater Village, where it will consolidate its cable and online services at one location.

Biotech Has a Magic Pill for Growth in "02

While cutbacks and caution mark most sectors, the biotech industry in the San Fernando Valley and its environs is enjoying double-digit revenue increases and planning aggressively for the year ahead.

Little Good News Expected At Optical Communication

CORPORATE FOCUS: With no end to the telecommunications downturn in sight, Optical Communication Products Inc. is hunkering down for a long slump.

Dist. 2 Candidates Take Safe Positions on Secession

INTERVIEW: On March 5, outgoing state Assemblyman Tony Cardenas, 38, D-Mission Hills, will face off against DreamWorks SKG executive Wendy Greuel, 40, in a runoff election to fill the open 2nd District seat on the Los Angeles City Council.

Van Nuys Airport Operators Sing the Blues

Sullivan Skytrails Aviation is one of six longtime leaseholders at VNA who've submitted proposals to develop a long-vacant 5.8-acre parcel, once leased by the late Walt Disney, for expansion purposes.