Stories for January 2002

Monday, January 21

Will Valley Secession Fly With All of L.A.'s Voters?

Despite questions concerning alimony, stranded costs and the division of assets, the Comprehensive Fiscal Analysis, the final report released by the Local Agency Formation Commission Jan. 9, says a Valley split is possible and viable.

Tide May Rise in 2002, But It Won't Lift All Ships

Here, a look at some of the largest San Fernando Valley companies representing most of the industries that do business here, and how they are likely to fare in the year ahead.

Revival of U.S. Defense Sector Is Mixed Bag For Valley

After all the cutbacks, layoffs and closures of the 1990s, what's left of the San Fernando Valley's aerospace and defense industries have had little to cheer about. When President Bush pledged in his State of the Union address last year to increase defens

Miles to Go

James Acevedo has spent a career getting things to change, but he says there's still plenty to do.

Imagine a City of Your Very Own by the End of Year

COMMENTARY - Guest Column: Richard Katz and Jeff Brain

Networks Seek Low-Cost Alternative to Reality TV

Reality television was big a year ago. But today, after the tastes of a fickle audience have changed and five primetime network reality shows have been canceled during the past year, programmers are scrambling to find replacements that can be produced jus

Hospitals Feel "94 Quake Aftershocks Differently

2001 was a painful year for most of the Valley's licensed hospitals. Many face another year of budget constraints as they continue to grapple with the escalating cost of health care, all the while still trying to meet mandates to repair damage from the 19

Valley Forum: What Are Your Plans for 2002?

After a volatile 2001, many businesses have begun this year by cutting expenses, implementing new business strategies and putting others on hold. The San Fernando Valley Business Journal asks: What are you doing to change the economic prospects of your bu

Jobless Rate Climbs

Northeast Valley Takes Rise in Unemployment the Hardest

People - Newsmakers

Weekly Column: People in the News

Tech Firms Are Struggling for Right Answer

Valley tech firms hit hard by a major industry downturn last year, hoping against hope for recovery in 2002, are exploring new foreign markets, developing new products and embarking on aggressive marketing campaigns to spur sales.

Valley Talk

News Column

Year Ahead Looks Like It Will Be More of the Same

The silliest season of the new year is over. Somewhere around daylight on Jan. 2, most of us tired finally of New Year's resolutions and outrageous predictions.

Brilliant Digital Tries One More New Business Plan

Corporate Focus: After what seems like a never-ending series of consecutive quarterly losses, Woodland Hills-based Brilliant Digital Entertainment Inc. is dumping its 3-D animation movie and music video operation to focus on rich media ad banner technolog

Time Is Money in Agoura Hills Deal for Litton Campus

They say location is everything, but these days, when it comes to real estate, even location can't trump timing. Just ask Litton Systems Inc.

Monday, January 7

Jobs Still Remain Available for IT School Graduates

With a new semester, many high school seniors as well as college students are faced with a big decision: selecting a college major.

NetSol International Gets $1 Million Boost in Stock Sale

Calabasas-based software maker NetSol International Inc. has secured $1.1 million in new funding in a stock deal that gives Red Sea Ltd., an investment banking firm, about 10 percent of the company's stock.


Felipe Fuentes may be the best example Los Angeles Mayor James Hahn has to offer of how he wants to fight secession by bringing more resources to the San Fernando Valley.

The Digest: A Roundup of San Fernando Valley News

A Roundup of San Fernando Valley News

COMMENTARY: Top-Line Troubles Are Sobering Reality in New Year

This is the first full week of a new year and everybody is almost, just about, maybe in first-day-of-the-rest-of-your-life mode. For some of us that is cause for optimism, for others it is reason to take a deep breath. For a few, it is time to face soberi

DIC Begins Marketing "Liberty's Children" v Very Early

DIC Entertainment Corp. may look like it's jumping the gun by seeking licensing deals for a cartoon series that won't air for nearly another year. Company bosses, however, say "Liberty's Kids" will be the next big thing and they want to be ready.

Corporate Focus: Analysts Expect Changes in IHOP Franchisee Financing

Glendale-based IHOP Inc. has yet to decide whether it will scrap its program aimed at financing its franchisees, but analysts are already saying the company will likely get out of the loan business and bolster its bottom line by selling the loans $287 m

Other Firms' Dispute Bad For Youbet

A struggle between two rival horse racing giants over who will televise California races could make or break upstart online betting firm

Calabasas Can Be Choosey About New Developments

Calabasas: The city of only 20,000 people has a tidy sum of $26 million in the bank, putting it in the cat bird seat when it comes to what gets built in the city and where.

SMALL BUSINESS: Making It Personal

Miguel DeLeon's 17-year career at California Electrofab in Pacoima came to a halt in 1994 when the company's financial difficulties forced the owners to file for bankruptcy protection and shut the doors for good.

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My

Since forming the Tarzana Business Improvement District in 1999, the community's property owners have worked hard to make a one-mile strip of Ventura Boulevard so appealing it would lure shoppers from their cars to stroll among the shops, hopefully making

Business Leaders Say They Expect Little Lasting Impact Because of 9/11

Survey: Most businesses hurt by Sept. 11 attacks, but optimistic about future.

Zero-Interest Boosts Car Dealers' Sales, but What's Next?

Zero-interest financing programs have been so successful that some car dealerships have nearly doubled sales in the past three months, contributing to what is expected to be the second best year for car sales in history.

Who Needs Eldercare Employee Assistance Programs?

COMMENTARY By Judith Uthus


Dave Armstrong knows radio. So when he was asked by Camarillo-based Salem Communications Inc. to turn struggling Glendale talk radio station KIEV-AM around, he knew he had a tough job ahead.