Stories for July 2002

Monday, July 22

Kellner Claims Profits Are Just Around Corner for WB

Once more, the word from Jamie Kellner on WB is "Wait until next year." After six straight years of losses, Burbank-based WB Television Network says it's ready to post an annual profit for the first time in 2003.

Agoura Project OK Paves Way For 101 Repair

The fix is in. With the approval of J.H. Snyder Co.'s plans for an $80-million, mixed use development, Agoura Hills will finally get the freeway interchange repairs the city has needed for years.

The Newsmakers

People in the news, on the move

Last Time This Land Sold Fruit Groves Lined Ventura

Real Estate by Shelly Garcia

Valley Forum: Have You Changed Your Investment Strategy?

If not affected personally, everybody in the United States is aware of the recent accounting scandals involving WorldCom, Enron, Global Crossing, Xerox, etc. etc. So, the San Fernando Valley Business Journal asks: In light of all that has happened this y


When the Glendale Galleria created The Zone, a shopping area for the Gen Y set, two years ago, the idea was to tap into a large and lucrative market of teens with a considerable amount of disposable income.

Telecom Suppliers Giving Up on "02, Counting on "03

Back in January, telecom suppliers in the 101 Tech Corridor thought for sure they'd be rolling out new equipment for their customers by the third quarter of this year. However, as the economy continues to sputter and investor confidence remains at an all-

"Trashcan" Program Trumping "Pothole" Campaign?

Politics by Jacqueline Fox

Microturbine Firm Nets $23M in Venture Capital

Some of the original impetus may be gone from the microturbine market, but that's not stopping investors from plowing money into the industry.

Cash Flows Quickly From Stock Market to Real Estate

Commentary: From The Newsroom by Michael Hart

Business After Sept. 11: How Bad Can It Really Get?

At mid-year, the Business Journal asked several Valley business leaders if things got as bleak as they expected after 9-11 and, with the ongoing threat of more terrorist attacks, what their outlook on the economy was moving into the second half of 2002.

Secession Advocates Have Trouble With Arithmetic

Guest Column by Jeff Daar, an attorney with the Los Angeles law firm of Daar & Newman.

Pinnacle Hopes for Jackpot In Stay-at-Home Gamblers

Corporate Focus: Pinnacle Entertainment Inc.

Facts Make Cityhood an Easy Answer to Questions

Guest Column by Richard Katz, chairman of the Valley Independence Committee.

Monday, July 8

Andersen Has Shut Down Its Valley Office

Arthur Andersen LLP's Woodland Hills office has closed as a result of the firm's conviction last month on charges of destroying evidence in the investigation of its client, Enron Corp.

Panavision Chairman Perelman Retires Company Debt

Media & Technology by Carlos Martinez

CHAD Hitches Star to Smaller Portable Oxygen Tank

The salvation of struggling companies comes in all shapes and sizes. For CHAD Therapeutics Inc., it came in the form of a smaller oxygen tank.

Private Plane Business Takes Off in Aftermath of Sept. 11

Aviation: Charter plane business recoups losses since rough 2000.

Effects House Concentrates on Theme Parks

Canoga Park-based special effects house WonderWorks Inc. has signed a $100 million contract to design and build attractions for a Paris theme park.

Holding One L.A. Together

People Interview: Larry Levine says One Los Angeles will concentrate anti-secession campaign on the San Fernando Valley

Firm Puts Its Money on the Line for Plaintiffs

Joseph Lisoni was representing a group of folks who were traveling in a tour van when a defective part caused a severe accident. Several of the passengers died. Several more would never be able to work again.

Agua Dulce Au Vin

Fed up with the development business, some entrepreneurs and their families begin bottling their own wines near the Santa Clarita Valley

Tarzana Residents Buy Old Garden Statuary Property

Politics by Jacqueline Fox

Valley Forum: What Are Your Vacation Plans?

Traditionally, summer is the most popular vacation season. It's a great time to fly off to a tropical island, experience Europe or just visit Grandma's house. But travel is not what it used to be in the wake of the events of Sept. 11 and the economic down

Out of the Stock Market, Into the Valley Business Scene

From The Newsroom, by Michael Hart

Does the San Fernando Valley Need Another Bank?

Guest Column: Martin M. Cooper

Leaders Doubt Breakup's Impact on Business

The Secession Question; Poll Results

The Briefing


Nearon Partners Take a Quick Profit in a Slow Market

Real Estate by Shelly Garcia: When Nearon Enterprises, a Danville, Calif.-based real estate partnership, acquired the former Litton facility in Agoura Hills last December, officials hoped for the best.

Adult Day Care Moves Quickly Into For-Profit Sector

For years, senior services were viewed as charitable efforts offered through hospitals, community groups and philanthropic organizations.

The Digest

A Roundup of San Fernando Valley News

Small Business Profile: Infomercial Please

Glendale Studios, cramped for space, fills a niche by providing facilities for infomercial productions as it plans for an expansion.

BioSource Maintains Low Profile During Expansion

Corporate Focus: For the past few quarters, BioSource International Inc. has been doing everything it said it would increasing sales, improving profit margins, beefing up research and development.