Stories for March 2002

Monday, March 18

MannKind's Help Puts CTL Closer to Its Cancer Vaccine

Biotech: A Step Toward The Future

StemSource Struggles With Low Funding, Controversial Research

StemSource is making do with the $2.5 million it raised last fall in its first round of funding. About half came from a medical device company, the rest from family, friends and individual investors.

What's Left Unsaid After Saying No to Home Depot

Real Estate by Shelly Garcia

Nomadix Gets $9 Million In Latest Round of Funding

Despite the tough investment climate and the slowdown in Internet technology spending, one local software developer has raised $9 million of a $12 million financing round from both new and existing investors in its fourth funding round.


When Stephen McCormack went to work for AlleCure Corp. two years ago it was as the start-up's president, CEO, board director and first employee. It was also his first job as a manager in the private sector after 18 years in medical research.

Digital Insight Preps a $100M Stock Offering

Digital Insight Corp. is going on a buying spree. The Calabasas-based provider of customized Internet sites for small- and mid-sized banks and other financial institutions late last month registered its intent to issue a public stock offering to fund an a

Valley Forum: What Can Biotech Do for You?

In the last 25 years, the biotechnology industry has been responsible for a number of discoveries that have improved health care throughout the world. Even more promising achievements are in various stages of development all over the world, including the

CSUN Struggles for Traction With Biotech Program

Biotech: A Step Toward The Future. Special Report: When Alfred E. Mann agreed to build an $80 million research complex to house MiniMed Inc. (now Medtronic MiniMed) at Cal State Northridge, many figured it, and the help he planned to give to boost the s

Valley Talk

Weekly Column

Promise of Tomorrow: Biotech's Next Hot Companies

Biotech: A Step Toward The Future. Special Report: Scores of biotech firms in the San Fernando Valley are in the midst of developing new therapies and medical devices, but only a handful are likely to see their products come to market anytime soon.

The Amgen Success Story: Can Lightning Strike Again?

Biotech: A Step Toward The Future. Special Report: The founders of Amgen Inc. may have been armed with $19 million in startup capital, but even they didn't have a solid idea about what they were going to use it for when they first launched the company in

Latest Privacy Proposal Could Cost California Billions


Something's Amiss If Investors Ask Editors for Advice

Commentary: From The Newsroom by Michael Hart

L.A. May Block Pensions of Some Valley City Workers

Politics by Jacqueline Fox. Representatives of Valley VOTE, the group spearheading the secession drive, say they are getting warm and fuzzy feedback from city employee unions regarding its proposal for transferring workers to a new San Fernando Valley ci

Biotech Investing Takes Patience, Comfort With Risk

Biotech: A Step Toward The Future. Special Report: Today, for investors interested in the biotech sector, the promise of a revolutionary new drug or therapy is not enough. They've got to see a viable business plan too.

Pending Federal Legislation May Help Verizon in Valley

Bring it on. That's the sentiment of one DSL Internet service provider in the San Fernando Valley regarding a bill making its way through the U.S. Congress that could give Verizon Communications and three other regional Bell telephone companies clearance

Toyota of N. Hollywood Expands

Toyota of North Hollywood is set to begin a $4 million expansion that will net the dealership a brand new showroom and an expected 14-percent increase in monthly car sales.

HemaCare Hopes for Best After Suit Against Red Cross

Corporate Focus By JACQUELINE FOX

Beyond the Cure for the Common Cold

R. Steven Davidson's Zengen has leveraged a profitable over-the-counter cold remedy into even more ambitious research projects

Small Business Profile: Something in the Air

After a quarter century of manufacturing toxic gas detection systems for industry, Interscan finds itself in the middle of today's headlines

The Digest


Monday, March 4

Dream of Vision 2020 Requires a Solid Reality Check

From The Newsroom by Michael Hart

Analysts Down on United Online After Comcast Deal

Corporate Focus

Countrywide Wants to Save on Fees With New Bank

Countrywide Credit Industries is going into the banking business. The newest division of the Calabasas-based financial services giant has opened four branches in the San Fernando Valley and, if successful, will follow up with more throughout the United St

Companies Cautious About Meetings in Post-Enron Era

The ongoing investigation into improper accounting practices at Enron and other high-profile corporations is driving even the most unimpeachable businesses to revise their reporting procedures and their investor relations programs.

Time Warner Battles Satellite TV With 400 Channels

West Valley cable television viewers are the first in the United States to have a 402-channel lineup, say Time Warner Cable officials, who have tripled their channel choices in the last two months as part of an effort to compete with satellite television.


Weekly Column

Interview: Behind the Wheel

Superior Industries Executive Vice President Steven Borick finds doing business in Mexico saves money but is not free of restrictions

Ahmanson's "Boss" Misses Leap of Support

ashington Mutual Bank officials say a recent string of ads in the Los Angeles Times featuring a frog known as "The Boss" that may have cost as much as $400,000 was intended to dispel misconceptions that the proposed 3,050-home Ahmanson Ranch would threate

Valley Forum: What Is Your Own Vision 2020?

"Vision 2020: The San Fernando Valley" is a project recently completed by the Economic Alliance of the San Fernando Valley with the intention of creating a unified and viable vision for the community over the next two decades. But everybody has their own

Upstart Brokerage Pins Its Future on Thinking Small

Real Estate by Shelly Garcia

Prop Q: A Bad Way to Spend Good Taxpayer Money

Commentary: Guest Column - Walter N. Prince

From the Mouths of Babes: Economics 101

The homework assignment dovetailed beautifully with the lesson plan in a fifth-grade class at Kester Avenue Elementary School in Van Nuys one day last month.

Clinic Works Out Deal to Move Into Its Own Building

Demonstrating financial savvy unusual in the world of nonprofits, the Valley Community Clinic pulled off a deal last month that allows it to acquire its own $5.5 million building in North Hollywood.


People in the News

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

DIC Cuts Deal on Icon of "80s, Strawberry Shortcake

Media & Technology by Carlos Martinez

A Greek Form of Survival

Rochie's Greek Row has survived earthquake and personal tragedy as it outfits fraternities and sororities at Cal State Northridge and other universities.

The "No" Campaign Coming to a Chamber Near You

Politics by Jacqueline Fox

Data Storage Feels the Pain of Tech Slowdown

Covey: 'Companies have pulled back on budgets... shelved products and haven't deployed new applications.'

In Secession Election, Who'll Show Us the Money?

If and when the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) agrees to put a secession initiative on the ballot in November, the floodgates for financial contributions to Valley city council and mayoral races are certain to bust wide open.