Stories for November 2002

Monday, November 25

...But Smaller Firms Learn Costs Can Be Prohibitive

OK. So China's the hot new spot for anyone serious about taking their company global.

Dole Faces More Than 200 Lawsuits Over Pesticide Use

Hundreds of lawsuits against the Dole Food Co. seeking more than $8 billion in damages will come to trial early next year, and could have a substantial impact on the company's bottom line.

Spanish-Subtitled Films Are Unique Hits at Plant 16

Mann Theatres' Plant 16 in Panorama City, which opened about three years ago, has adopted a strategy of showing some of its first-run, American releases with Spanish-language subtitles

Measure B Passage Offers No Guarantees for Valley

Voters overwhelmingly approved a measure Nov. 5 that, among other things, is supposed to provide funding to keep Olive View-UCLA Medical Center's emergency room from shutting down. But ...

StemSource Acquired by San Diego Company

StemSource Inc., a three-year-old company that develops clinical applications for stem cells, has been acquired by MacroPore Biosurgery Inc. in a move that could bring regeneration technology into doctor's offices for the treatment of patients in less tha

Kellner to Get $80M-Plus for Stake in WB

AOL-Time Warner has agreed to pay a reported $80 million to $90 million for the 11-percent stake in The WB Network that network CEO and Turner Broadcasting System Chairman Jamie Kellner and a handful of other network executives still hold.

LABJ FORUM: Is Lunch Hour Just for Lunch?

Given the busy lifestyles our readers have, most people in the work world take every advantage possible of the sacred lunch hour. So, the San Fernando Valley Business Journal asks: Aside from the obvious grabbing a bite to eat what else do you try to

Union Efforts at Antelope Valley Hospital Get a Boost

A divisive battle over the unionization of registered nurses at Antelope Valley Hospital in Lancaster (AVH) may be drawing to a close, due in part to the Nov. 5 election of two pro-union members to the facility's governing board.

Virtual Stations Help WB Double Group of Affiliates

When viewers in Santa Barbara watch KWCA-TV, they may think they're watching a hometown station. In fact, every bit of "local" content is fed to their local cable company from the WB's communications hub in Los Angeles.

Internet Banking Leader Falters in Competitive Fray

Warnings that performance will fall short of fourth-quarter expectations, fears that fierce competition will continue to take a toll on customer retention and a budding price war in the Internet banking industry have pummeled the share price of Digital In

Valley Companies Seeking Opportunities in Beijing...

Keith Dabney, founder and president of North Hollywood-based Pretty Pictures, is about to embark on a mission that, to date, most smaller San Fernando Valley-based companies have shied away from: partnering with businesses in China.

Monday, November 11

CSUN Business School Is Postponing Accreditation

Faced with the likelihood that the application to renew its business school accreditation would be turned down, Cal State Northridge officials have pulled out of the running, and will go back to the drawing board to begin a new application from scratch.

VALLEY FORUM: What Are You Reading?

Not everybody goes to business school, and even those that do often feel like they're on their own once they get to work. People look for inspiration wherever they can find it, and that includes the library. So, the San Fernando Valley Business Journal a

City's New 311 Phone Plan Is Olive Branch to Valley

Two days after the failure of Measure F at the polls, the city of Los Angeles unveiled its new 311 program designed to make it easier to get a pothole filled, a street light installed, or a recycling container replaced

Airport Files Lawsuit Over Parking Garage

The Burbank Airport commission is suing a local developer that is building a public parking garage on 30 acres near the airport formerly owned by Lockheed Martin Corp.

Post-Measure F Era Begins With Peace Summit

Defeat is a bitter pill to swallow. Yet some of the San Fernando Valley's business leaders who saw their efforts to create a separate Valley city go down in flames Nov. 5 quickly moved to get their dose down quickly and embrace what city officials are to

Jafra's Beauty Is Too Deep In Mexico for Most Buyers

Investors with capital to spend are anxious for acquisition opportunities, but they are insisting on some assurance of future stability that Jafra, with about 70 percent of its revenue generated in Mexico, just cannot offer.

Diodes Acquisition of Chip Plant Boosts Bottom Line

CORPORATE FOCUS. Diodes Inc. has been in the business of selling semiconductors for a long time, more than 40 years, in fact. And over the last couple of years, it took the same hits others in its industry did.

People: As seen on TV

Inter/Media's direct response advertising strategy makes enough sense to clients in a slow economy that billings have jumped 50 percent

Focus of Reform Returning To Neighborhood Councils

If neighborhood councils are Mayor James Hahn's best alternative to secession, some of the roadblocks that have kept proposed councils in the San Fernando Valley from getting off the ground will have to be tackled.

Ethics Is Hot Topic at VICA Conference

This year's annual Business Forecast presented by the Valley Industry and Commerce Association was mired in discussion of what will certainly go down as the 2002 business leitmotif: corporate malfeasance.




A list of recent L.A. area bankruptcies.

Companies Miss Hispanic Market

This spring 21st Century Insurance Group launched an all-out blitz to target Hispanic consumers. No surprise, considering Hispanics comprise 32 percent of the population in California