Calabasas-based Spotlight Ticket Management will provide an online ticket management system to Sacramento Kings corporate suite holders, the company announced Monday

The cloud computing software allows suite holders to track who they gives tickets to and how much business those being entertained contribute to the company. It also provides an automated way for employees to request tickets, said Spotlight’s president Tony Knopp.

“Now in real time you can say ‘How exactly did I use this suite,’” Knopp said.

Suite holders requested a better way to judge their return on investment for their suite tickets, Lyndsi Weichert, director of suite sales & service for the Sacramento Kings said in a statement.

"By partnering with Spotlight, we are able to show our corporate customers that we're listening to them," she added.

Other Spotlight clients include the Cincinnati Bengals, the San Antonio Spurs and the Philadelphia Eagles, the company said.