California Lutheran University is offering free arts training to teachers on November 5.

The session, which targets elementary and middle school educators, is the first event in the Susan Greiser Price Arts Integration Program, which aims to integrate arts in the classroom.

The program was funded by a $150,000 gift from the estate of the late CLU alumna and former teacher Susan E. Price.

Painting, dance and drama lessons will be led by Ventura County teachers, CLU graduates and students. Participants will also learn strategies on blending the arts with subjects like math, science and history.

The program expands on a pilot program for the Moorpark Unified School District, funded by a $1 million dollar grant from the U.S Department of Education, CLU officials said. The “success” from the program, Project ACT (Active, Collaborative, Transformative), spurred the idea to branch out to other school districts.

Angela Melero