California Lutheran University’s new student-run Internet radio station, iCLU, has gone live, streaming music, news and sports from a studio located in the year-old center housing KCLU National Public Radio on campus.

Created by students for students, iCLU is webcasting a mix of music, live shows and pre-recorded content produced by student staff and volunteers.

The station’s goal is to provide educational and entertaining content that is an alternative to commercial radio. iCLU is a training ground for future broadcasters as well as a venue to showcase student talent.

The Associated Students of CLU Government provided $10,000 in startup funding.

CLU students previously operated a radio station from 1977 to 1994, when it was replaced by KCLU. KRCL transmitted music requested by students, campus news and poetry readings into the dormitories through the local cable system.

Judy Temes