Hydrogen detector manufacturer H2Scan had been added to the approved vendor list for Honeywell UOP, a supplier to the petroleum, gas and petrochemical industries.

Being named to the list follows seven years of extensive testing of H2Scan detectors and analyzers at customer sites and pilot plants.

The additional exposure is expected to open doors to new business and applications within the refining industry, said Mike Powell, senior process analyzer sales.

“No one has been added in hydrogen analyzers for 15 years,” Powell said.

The privately-held H2Scan makes detectors and monitors used in oil and gas refineries, nuclear power plants, and various other industrial facilities to detect the presence of hydrogen and monitor safety and alarm systems.

Being part of the Honeywell UOP list is a milestone for the company, which according to H2Scan CEO Dennis Reid, is the only complete hydrogen analyzer product with the strongest return on investment.

In December 2010 H2Scan and Honeywell UOP partnered to manufacture and market a low-cost, high-accuracy hydrogen analyzing system.