H2Scan Corp. announced that its hydrogen detection equipment will be incorporated into monitoring systems made by Parker Hannifin Corp. based on an agreement between the two companies.

The joint endeavor between Valencia-based H2Scan and Parker Hannifin, headquartered in Cleveland, is a monumental step for the company, said Chief Executive Dennis Reid.

“Signing a global manufacturing agreement with Parker is crucial to our business today, as increased sales are driving us to expand production, testing and fulfillment around the world,” Reid said in a statement.

The monitors using the H2Scan detectors will be used in oil refineries and plants producing petrochemicals, fertilizers and ammonia.

Parker Hannifin is a global manufacturer of motion and control systems. The company used H2Scan analyzers in monitors for a large British Petroleum project several years ago.

Parker Hannifin will be responsible for the final testing, field calibration and deliveries to customers of the monitors. Parker will also offer a line of H2Scan safety products for battery rooms, refineries, hydrogen storage and nuclear applications.