Discount airfare website launched its new language-based search function this week, which allows users to type more simplified travel plans in sentences rather than specific search modules.

The Calabasas-based company’s new search tool allows users to type their desired itinerary, such as “Los Angeles to San Francisco, October 10, return the 11th,” into a toolbar, and the site will then return all results related to those specified dates.

The company hopes its natural language translation technology will attract users who find the specific search tools on other discount airfare retail sites tedious.

“Easy Search is one more thing we’re doing differently that the competition to make it easier to book travel arrangements,” said Jeff Klee, CEO and founder of, in a prepared statement. “We were the first consumer travel website to list flight amenities to help customers find comfortable flights, and now we’re the first to use natual language searching to make booking a flight much faster.”

Currently, the site allows travelers to see the amenities offered on flights, including Wi-Fi, live television, and video monitors.

“We will continue to innovate so customers can plan trips in any way that is comfortable for them,” said Klee.

Kelly Goff