In a cross-Valley combination of aircraft maintenance companies, Velocity Aerospace Group of Burbank has acquired EDN Aviation Inc. of Van Nuys.

Velocity is a global aviation maintenance, repair and overhaul company. EDN is also an aircraft repair company that specializes cockpit repairs, including control panel components such as light plates, circuit breaker panels, control wheels and knobs.

Despite the acquisition, EDN will continue to be operated by its current management team, including founder and President Motti Kurzweil.

“EDN, a highly-regarded repair and manufacturing company run by an exceptional leadership team, brings another specialty service and expertise to our offering as we continue to expand,” Velocity Chief Executive Dale Gabel said in a statement.

Velocity’s client list includes commercial and regional airlines, corporate business aircraft, military and municipal aircraft, and other repair companies. The company is owned by Chicago private equity firm Prospect Partners LLC.