The AIDS Healthcare Foundation has formed a campaign committee to collect signatures for a ballot initiative that would require condom usage in adult films made in California.

The Hollywood nonprofit, led by Michael Weinstein, is taking the step after mandatory condom-use legislation failed to make it through the Legislature in two successive sessions.

The Committee for Adult Industry Responsibility will collect signatures to get the initiative before voters on the November 2016 ballot.

AHF is seeking to repeat the success it had in November 2012 when is sponsored Measure B, an initiative approved by voters requiring condom usage on adult film sets within Los Angeles County. In January 2012, the Los Angeles City Council passed a similar ordinance.

A poll of voters conducted by AHF in September showed overwhelming support for a statewide law, according to the organization. The campaign was kicked off Friday by Weinstein and a group of five adult performers who contracted HIV.

The Free Speech Coalition, a Canoga Park adult industry trade organization, which has opposed all the condom measures, contends that Weinstein is less interested in performer safety than he is in shutting down the adult industry in California.

Executive Director Diane Duke said the former performers Weinstein has aligned himself with contracted HIV in their personal lives and not from an adult film shoot.

“Despite shooting hundreds of thousands of scenes, there hasn’t been a transmission of HIV on a regulated adult set since 2004 thanks to a rigorous protocol that requires performers to be tested every fourteen days,” Duke said in a statement posted at the coalition’s website.