Woodland Hills entertainment industry vendor Panavision has opened an expanded facility in New Orleans with its subsidiary Light Iron, a supplier of post-production hardware and software.

The new 30,500-square-foot space is Light Iron’s first brick-and-mortar facility in Louisiana. It also has locations in Hollywood and New York.

The outlet will supply filmmakers with Panavision cameras and lenses, an expanded prep floor, a private prep room for larger projects, and a 40-by-40 foot room with an 18-foot ceiling, optimized for shooting test footage.

Panavision Chief Executive Kim Snyder said the company has supported filmmakers in Louisiana for a decade and that the number of projects shot there has increased to the point that a larger facility was necessary.

“Incorporating Light Iron into the new facility brings an unprecedented level of service offerings under one roof to the local filmmaking community,” Snyder said in a prepared statement.

Panavision acquired Light Iron a year ago as a way to offer a complete suite of digital entertainment services from pre-production to distribution.

Light Iron was founded in 2009 and has developed a mobile post-production hardware and software called Outpost for feature films, episodic television and commercials shot with digital cameras.