Mandalay Digital Inc.’s stock began trading under the ticker symbol “APPS” on Tuesday as the company settled into its new headquarters in Texas.

Last week the company announced it would change its name to Digital Turbine Inc., the operating name of its largest subsidiary, but according to the Nasdaq website it still had the Mandalay name at market close on Tuesday.

Also, as announced last week, it has moved its headquarters from the Cahuenga Pass to Austin, Texas. The Digital Turbine subsidiary already had offices in Austin.

Digital Turbine is an online platform where telecom companies can sell ringtones, songs and other content. It has contracts with more than 20 carriers.

Among the companies leadership, director Rob Deutschman has been named chairman of the board, succeeding former Sony Pictures executive Peter Guber, who remains a director. In addition, Bill Stone, the company’s chief executive, has joined the board.

Shares closed down 12 cents or 3.7 percent to $3.14 on the Nasdaq.