Antelope Valley College is one of 15 community colleges in California chosen to develop a program offering bachelor’s degrees.

The Lancaster school will offer a degree in Airframe Manufacturing Technology in which students learn the major processes of manufacturing the structural components of an aircraft for civilian and military specifications, it was announced Tuesday.

A group of representatives from the California Community Colleges chancellor’s office, the University of California, the California Department of Education, the businesses and community college administrators chose the schools for the bachelor’s program. Criteria included geographic distribution of the pilot programs, diversity of pilot programs, ability of the district to establish a program in their proposed field and that the proposed program meets an unaddressed local or statewide workforce need.

Karen Cowell, dean of career technical education at Antelope Valley College, said the school was thrilled with the chance to offer higher degrees.

“We have been given an outstanding opportunity to provide a service that this community truly needs, wants and will embrace whole-heartedly,” Cowell said in a prepared statement.