The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation has awarded its $2 million Hilton Humanitarian Prize to International Center for Diarrheal Disease Control, Bangladesh, or iccdr,b, an international research institute focused on improving public health in developing countries.

“icddr,b has had a profound impact on health crises and breakthroughs worldwide,” Peter Laugharn, chief executive of the Agoura Hills-based Hilton Foundation, said in a statement. “As we seek solutions to bridge global divides, the world can learn a lot from icddr,b.”

iccdr,b was founded in the 1960s as a cholera research laboratory. It played a significant role in the invention of oral rehydration therapy, which involves the use of a salt solution to relieve life-threatening symptoms of diarrheal diseases. The organization has since expanded to include research programs for vaccine development, malnutrition intervention and public policy.

“We are honored to receive the 2017 Hilton Humanitarian Prize,” icddr,b Executive Director Dr. John Clemens said in a statement. The organization will use the prize to fund the development of low-cost solutions for issues such as pediatric pneumonia, tuberculosis and maternal hemorrhage during childbirth, he added.

The Hilton Foundation will present the award Oct. 11 in Beverly Hills at its annual Hilton Humanitarian Symposium and Prize Ceremony.