North Hollywood film equipment rental house Birns & Sawyer Inc. plans to auction off equipment and Hollywood memorabilia, the company has announced.

Founded in 1954, Birns & Sawyer rented equipment used on movies including “Lawrence of Arabia,” “Easy Rider” and “Bullitt.” Memorabilia for sale in the auction include items from “Edward Scissorhands,” “Mask” and “Terminator.”

Tiger Group, a liquidation company, that will conduct an online-only auction on Dec. 7. The auction will also feature cameras, lenses, electronics and filmmaking accessories no longer needed for the continuing operations of Birns & Sawyer, which has become a digital audiovisual rental house.

“This event presents an extraordinary opportunity for anyone from film production companies to serious amateurs to acquire top-self, professionally maintained gear at auction prices,” Jeff Tanenbaum, executive managing director of Tiger’s Commercial & Industrial division, said in a statement.

A preview of the items for sale at the auction will be held at the Birns & Sawyer facility at 5275 Craner Ave. on Dec. 6.