The city of Palmdale has filed a nuisance complaint against the Palmdale Inn and its owner, citing health, safety and criminal codes violations at the business.

The city filed the complaint for nuisance abatement and receivership in the Los Angeles County Superior Court, naming the 49-room hotel at 217 E. Palmdale Blvd. and its owner, Palmdale Lodging, a limited liability entity.

In December, the city issued the Palmdale Inn a notice to vacate, and ordered the owner to either repair or reduce more than 400 building and safety code violations in 30 calendar days. The violations referred to items that either weren’t working or not there, such as fire, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, fire extinguishers, bathrooms, showers as well as electrical, plumbing and mechanical hazards and dangerous structural issues.

Palmdale’s Assistant City Attorney Noel Doran referred to last year’s fire in Oakland as an example of the consequences of not addressing serious code violations.

“The number and severity of violations forced the Building Official to order the temporary closure of the motel until the property is returned to a habitable condition,” Doran said. “The Palmdale Inn has failed to correct the numerous building code violations and the property remains uninhabitable and imminently dangerous.”

According to the city, the hotel has also been the site of numerous drug-related arrests and other crimes by the Sheriff’s Department since 2013.

The hotel, formerly known as Mahli’s Inn, was built in 1986.