Second Sight Medical Products Inc. on Wednesday announced that it is expanding into Asia.

The Sylmar manufacturer of medical products implanted two South Korean patients with its retinal prosthesis system, called the Argus II, which restores some eyesight to patients who lost their vision due to a rare eye disease. The company will work with exclusive distribution partner Kisantech Co. to expand in South Korea.

The company also is increasing its footprint in Taiwan. Second Sight has announced that the Taiwanese distribution company Orient Europharma Co. has facilitated the placement of the retinal implant on a second patient. Its first implant in Taiwan was in April.

“These implants represent important milestones in the company’s efforts to expand our footprint in Asia. With our entry into South Korea, and a second implant now performed in Taiwan, we are continuing our mission to bring Argus II to even more blind individuals around the world. We look forward to treating more patients throughout Asia in the coming months,” said Will McGuire, Chief Executive Officer of Second Sight, in a statement.

Shares of Second Sight on Wednesday closed up 3 cents or 2 percent at $1.30 on the Nasdaq.