French engineering services company Altran Technologies SA has taken a minority stake in H2Scan, a developer of hydrogen sensors.

H2Scan, in Valencia, already had a business relation with Altran, in Paris, and will continue to use the company as a development partner in creating a new, lower-cost sensor and designing custom products for customers.

H2Scan manufactures analyzers to measure hydrogen concentration in oil and mixed gases for electric power plants, petro-chemical companies and oil refineries.

Also, a representative of Altran has joined the H2Scan board of directors.

H2Scan Chief Executive Mike Allman said the company was pleased to align itself with a global leader in engineering research and development.

“Altran has already proven that they can shorten the lead time and provide a cost-effective solution for new products and designs as an Internet of Things provider,” Allman said in a prepared statement.