Video game and comics fan website Machinima has named Russell Arons as general manager to replace the outgoing chief executive.

Arons will work with former chief executive Chad Gutstein on a transition plan, after which he will leave the Burbank company to pursue entrepreneurial projects.

The digital networks group of Warner Bros. Entertainment acquired Machinima last year after several years of the Burbank studio being an investor in the programming service that targets gamer, comic and superhero fans.

Arons, who joined Warner Bros. in 2009, will oversee the creative, marketing services, data analytics and business development of Machinima. She previously has been senior vice president, worldwide marketing for Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

Craig Hunegs, president of the digital networks group, called Arons an executive with exceptional audience experience and brand building capabilities.

“In her new role, Russell will deepen Machinima’s relationship with an audience that’s important to many Warner Bros. divisions to further optimize our marketing and direct-to-consumer activities and serve as a hub for social video across the company,” Hunegs said in a prepared statement.