Capstone Turbine Corp. received an order for two of its microturbines for use at a hotel in Jamaica.

The Chatsworth company’s propane fueled C200 microturbines will provide electricity at the hotel with the thermal energy from the exhaust used to chill water for the hotel’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning system.

The name of the hotel was not provided in a release by the company.

Chief Executive Darren Jamison said the resiliency of microturbines results in Capstone customers having little downtime due to utility outages caused by severe weather.

“More businesses are becoming increasingly receptive to the idea of onsite distributed power generation as a way to harden infrastructure, to not only provide operational savings with onsite generation but also provide critical emergency backup power during large-scale power outages,” Jamison said in a prepared statement.

Shares in Capstone (CPST) closed Monday up 1 cent, or just more than 1 percent, to 90 cents on the Nasdaq.