Inc. Chief Executive Jeff Bezos’ philanthropic fund has donated $5 million to North Hollywood nonprofit L.A. Family Housing to provide temporary housing for 150 families.

The gift is part of $97.5 million in donations Day 1 Families Fund made to 24 U.S. nonprofits working to address family homelessness.

L.A. Family Housing buys or leases homes and apartments for families transitioning to permanent housing. It currently houses 230 families each night.

“With this grant, we’re investing in the greater Los Angeles area by acquiring new homes to provide bridge housing for an additional 150 families annually, increasing our impact for those most in need,” said L.A. Family Housing Chief Executive Stephanie Klasky-Gamer. “These homes will be located in the heart of residential neighborhoods, allowing each child to connect to community resources like schools and parks that are so critical while their families find stability.”

Two Bay Area nonprofits — Abode Services in Fremont and Hamilton Families in San Francisco — also received grants.