Aviation Sales Executive

Meridian, Van Nuys

Age: 28

Meridian is an air charter and private aircraft management firm based at Van Nuys Airport. In her position, Gorski is responsible for developing the company’s retail charter business on the West Coast.

Biggest Accomplishment:

Opening Meridian’s new private jet terminal in the Bay Area last year. Being part of that from inception to opening for business has been an incredible learning experience. It gave me a different perspective on not only sales and marketing but overall business management.

Most Interesting Aspect of Job:

Interaction with my clients. Negotiating aircraft management deals with ultra high net worth individuals is not only interesting but challenging as well.

Personality on the Job:

I have a very happy-go-lucky type of personality and I work well under pressure. Our clients are in the top 1 percent and I have to consistently manage their expectations and have solutions to problems.

Biggest challenge?

Ironically, my biggest challenge is my age. I’m in business where clients are purchasing multi-million-dollar assets and handing them over to an aircraft management company. Some clients naturally equate age with experience, so I have to work harder to build trust. I do my homework before every meeting to make sure I’m prepared. 

Most Memorable Experience:

Attending the Corporate Jet Investor London (trade conference).

Attraction to Career:

My love of aviation and traveling around the world.

Biggest Misconception About the Profession:

Most people think that the people who have the means to travel on private jets are always using them to go on vacation. The vast majority of my clients are workaholics and most of their travel is business related. The other misconception would be that sales is all fun. It is, but it’s a grind and our clients are used to getting what they want. A hard work ethic is essential if you want to be successful in sales.

How This Generation is Different:

My generation has grown up in an era of mobile technology. Information is accessible at all times and you are constantly connected to work and your job. This can be a positive and a negative

Future Goal:

To become the No. 1 aircraft management salesperson in California.

Career Advice:

Hard work pays off. I’ve spent the last five years traveling all over the United States and Europe on business and made a lot of sacrifices to build my career. I would advise anyone starting out to work hard, maintain a professional image and always be honest. Also, if possible, find a good mentor – someone who will help navigate you through your business career and take an active interest in your success.