Salem Media Group Inc. has launched an in-house advertising agency to sell ads on its 116 radio stations and websites, the Camarillo-based Christian and conservative media company announced Monday.

In addition to selling traditional radio spots, the agency will use digital marketing tools to create targeted online campaigns for clients at the local and national level.

“With consumers spending more and more time on smartphones and tablets, the media landscape has become significantly more complicated for business owners and marketers to navigate,” Jamie Cohen, vice president of digital marketing, said in a statement. “The one-size-fits-all marketing approach of just a decade ago has quickly become outdated. Combining the power of Salem Radio with a full-service digital advertising strategy will allow us to go above and beyond in meeting the needs of advertisers around the country.”

Shares of Salem Media Group rose a fraction of a cent, or 1 percent, on Tuesday to close at $2.89 on the Nasdaq.