The Glendale City Council on Monday approved a two-month rent freeze and directed city staff to prepare a “right to lease” ordinance that would impose new restrictions on landlords.

The moratorium will go into effect on Dec. 27 and last until Feb. 27 of next year. During that time, owners of multifamily units will only be able to raise rents by 5 percent of what they charged on Sept. 18. If a tenant has moved in after that date, rates must still not exceed 5 percent of the initial rent.

The Council also instructed officials to draft an ordinance that would require landlords to offer tenants at least a one-year lease, non-binding hearings on some rent hikes and relocation assistance if rents are raised above a certain amount.

In March, the Council considered a separate right to lease ordinance but decided not to act on the proposal.

City staff expects to present the new ordinance to the Council in February.