US Nuclear Corp. is now offering chemical detectors and bacterial or viral collection filters on flying drones, news which the company’s stock up more than 38 percent Monday.

The Canoga Park company is making the detectors and collection filters available on a fleet of DroneRAD systems for the Saudi Arabia Civil Defense to be used for national security purposes.

The drones can support multiple chemical sensors to detect volatile organic compounds, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and nitric oxide, among other chemicals. The aircraft will also use special viral and bacterial filters to collect microbes, including anthrax, e-coli, cholera and salmonella, that can be sent to a lab for analysis.

US Nuclear uses the Neo and Zoe drones offered by FlyCAM UAV, in Chatsworth. The aircraft are rugged and weatherproof and can withstand winds up to 40 miles per hour.

US Nuclear has three subsidiaries – Technical Associates in Canoga Park, which makes radiation detection equipment; Overhoff Technologies in Milford, Ohio, which specializes in tritium detection equipment; and Electronic Control Concepts, which makes voltmeters to check industrial and medical X-ray machines.

Shares of US Nuclear closed Monday up 29 cents, or 38.7 percent, to $1.04 on the over-the-counter market.