Semtech Corp. is supplying its long-range, low-power technology to sensors for a French aerospace company to track its parts.

The Camarillo semiconductor company’s product will be used by Ineo-Sense, in Nimes, France, its is Clover-Core series of sensors used for smart asset tracking in manufacturing plants.

Ineo-Sense has contracted with Lauak Group, a company in southwestern France that makes parts and sub-assemblies for the aerospace industry, to provide 14,000 sensors with the Semtech technology

The sensors will be integrated in Lauak’s manufacturing containers for accurate monitoring of the parts, which are constantly in transit throughout large manufacturing facilities.

Marc Pegulu, vice president of Internet of Things at Semtech, said that according to industry research, asset tracking is expected to grow to a $27 billion market by 2023 and that the company’s technology is an ideal platform to support it.

“Tracking crucial asset data and diagnostics across entire grids, fleets and networks is simple with a LoRaWAN-based network infrastructure that is scalable and easy to deploy,” Pegulu said in a statement.

Shares of Semtech (SMTC) closed Thursday up 32 cents, or a fraction of a percent, to $52.70 on the Nasdaq.