Capstone Turbine Corp. has been certified to the United Kingdom Energy Networks Association G99 grid connection standard.

The Van Nuys manufacturer of microturbines is the first company to receive the certification.

The certification means that Capstone C200, C1000 and C54 microturbines are able to support the power grid during outages and protect it with proper disconnect responses. The certification gives Capstone a competitive advantage in the market.

Capstone Chief Executive Darren Jamison said the company was helped in receiving certification in the United Kingdom by having already met standards in other European countries, including Germany and Italy.

“Since Capstone’s products are already certified to these standards, this eliminated the need for further testing, accelerating the certification process and saving Capstone time and money,” Jamison said in a statement.

Shares of Capstone (CPST) closed down 2 cents, or more than 3 percent, to 64 cents on the Nasdaq.