Isabelle Fox has been named Mending Kids’ executive director as of Jan. 24 following seven years of experience with the nonprofit.

Fox started as a volunteer for Mending Kids, later becoming the organization’s mission coordinator, director of surgical missions and most recently director of global outreach.

Mending Kids, located in Glendale, provides surgical care to children worldwide. Fox has traveled with the organization on more than 40 missions, using her proficiency in English, Spanish and French to develop partnerships with dedicated surgeons, anesthesiologists, doctors, nurses and volunteers.

“I have braved spiders in Kiritimati Island while we screened 700 children, slept on hospital beds in Haiti and given a child my blood in Tanzania so that he could receive his life-saving cardiac surgery,” said Fox.

“Life has a way of redirecting you. I have stepped out of my comfort zone with Mending Kids, and my work with dedicated surgical teams has helped me believe that an individual can make a difference, but even more, that a group coming together can move mountains when it comes to saving children's lives,” she added.

Fox has a background in acting, directing and screenwriting, appearing in Canadian films and television shows in the 1980s and 1990s. She has used these skills to document missions, as well as facilitate outreach and fundraising efforts for Mending Kids.