Alltemp Inc., a refrigerant manufacturer in Westlake Village, has expanded to India, according to a statement from the company on Wednesday.

Alltemp Sustainable Refrigerants India Private Limited, a distribution partner for Alltemp, will allow the company to deliver energy saving refrigerants to India and the surrounding region.

The company has been working for 18 months to establish relationships and better understand what this region of the world needs. Alltemp will announce facility details by the end of the month, according to Ben Hansel, press contact for the company.

“India is one of the largest markets in the world for our refrigerants,” said Bill Lopshire, chief executive. “Based on our relationships and sales projections with existing interested parties, this opportunity alone has the capability to deliver positive net income to Alltemp over the next six to nine months.”

Alltemp’s liquid refrigerant is an environmentally friendly replacement to Freon. It is used in air conditioners and refrigerators and it can be used as an ingredient in foam insulation and industrial solvents.