InVia Robotics has sold its automated robot and management system to a warehouse of e-commerce fulfillment business in Reno, Nev.

Tobi, an online fashion retailer, has deployed the Picker robots to improve efficiency and accuracy to its warehouse operations.

Lior Elazary, chief executive of inVia Robotics, in Westlake Village, said that warehouse automation brings a competitive advantage to e-commerce retailers such as Tobi.

“InVia’s innovative AI-powered technology will optimize picking and cycle counting for Tobi and automate repetitive warehouse tasks, so their people can focus on delighting their customers,” Elazary said in a statement.

The inVia Picker works collaboratively with people in the Tobi warehouse to pick and move clothing and accessories, automating the storage and retrieval process and freeing workers to focus on less repetitive tasks, the companies said in a press release.

The robots are directed by the Robotics Management System that analyzes the company’s warehouse to optimize workflow.