Funrise Inc. in Van Nuys has inked a multi-year licensing agreement with Caterpillar Inc. to manufacture and distribute a line of toys based on the company’s construction machines and vehicles.

The line will include a wide range of styles in multiple scales for indoor and outdoor use. Some machines will feature working motors, lights, sound effects and radio controls, while others will be freewheeling. Toys will be made of steel and safe for use by kids ages 3 and up.

“Caterpillar is a widely recognized and trusted brand, and we are thrilled to create toys that bring the dynamic and larger-than-life construction world of Caterpillar to kids and families around the world,” said Randy Shoemaker, Funrise’s senior vice president of global brand marketing, in a statement.

Caterpillar was one of the major licenses left without a home after the unexpected closure of remote-controlled toy company Toy State last year.

Funrise also holds the license for Hasbro’s Tonka trucks—another line of steel toys modeled after construction vehicles and machinery.

“(Caterpillar) toys are used by boys and girls around the globe to build whatever their imaginations dream,” said Caterpillar Global Licensing Manager Kenny Beaupre in a statement. “Together with Funrise, we look forward to bringing increased innovation to the Cat toy line.”