Second Sight Medical Products Inc. on Tuesday announced it received a $2.4 million, four-year grant from the National Institutes of Health to further development of the Orion Visual Cortical Prosthesis System.

According to a statement from the visual prosthetics company in Sylmar, the grant will fund a joint collaboration with Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory to integrate spatial localization and mapping technology into the Orion project.

With this technology, Orion users would be able to navigate a room in real time, recognizing objects and developing depth perception.

“This grant is a significant milestone that will allow us to greatly enhance the artificial vision experience,” Will McGuire, chief executive of Second Sight, said in a statement. “Imagine having the ability to save and load maps of different environments, like the grocery store, fitness center or doctor’s office, on demand, to help navigate through daily living activities. These types of enhancements could be a real game changer for blind individuals who are seeking to reconnect to the world using our technology.”

Shares of Second Sight (EYES) fell 6 cents, or about 6.8 percent, on Tuesday to close at 77 cents on the Nasdaq.