Kretek International Inc., a Moorpark-based importer and distributor of tobacco products, announced yesterday the formation of a subsidiary called DRYFT Sciences LLC.

DRYFT will focus on growing Kretek’s brand of nicotine pouches, a smokeless, spitless and tobacco-free oral nicotine product the parent company has offered since 2016.

Jason Carignan, Kretek’s former chief marketing officer, was named president of DRYFT.

“With changing consumer behaviors and retail trends, the oral nicotine category is growing rapidly around the world,” Carignan said in a statement. “We recognized the need to create a new company focused solely on realizing our vision of bringing innovative nicotine solutions to the broader market."

DRYFT will expand production, distribution and marketing of the pouches with a new U.S. manufacturing site capable of producing 30 million cans in 2020 and 60 million cans by 2021. Its location has not been announced. The brand also underwent a major identity overhaul that includes a new label design and website.

The subsidiary will roll out the pouches nationally beginning in January.