Camarillo internet service provider GeoLinks has acquired wireless infrastructure, spectrum licenses and other network assets from TPx Communications in Los Angeles.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The company said in a statement the acquisition will “enable GeoLinks and its partners to leverage its proprietary ClearFiber fixed wireless technology to provision enterprise-grade internet for businesses and anchor institutions.” It also widens GeoLinks’ network footprint in Northern California’s Bay Area and the Las Vegas area.

The deal includes a multi-year commercial agreement for TPx to use GeoLinks’ internet service that will make the company GeoLinks’ single largest wholesale customer.

According to a statement from GeoLinks Chief Executive Skyler Ditchfield, the acquired assets will enable customers and partners to upgrade their bandwidth.

“The assets that we are acquiring will streamline our strategic growth and dovetail with the continued innovation we are implementing on our network operations,” he added.