It’s outrageous that the average cost to build a city-subsidized apartment for the homeless has climbed to $559,000 with highest per-unit cost now at $746,000. I just looked at a listing for a two-bedroom condo in Malibu for $659,000.
But those are the costs that Los Angeles City Controller Ron Galperin disclosed in his annual audit of Proposition HHH that he put out earlier this month. Prop HHH, as you might remember, was passed by 77 percent of L.A.’s voters in late 2016 who were willing to put their city deeper into debt to help get many of our homeless into homes. They authorized $1.2 billion in spending to build permanent supporting housing for the homeless as well as some affordable units for low-income folks.
Now, nearly four years later, most of the money – $1.17 billion – has been allocated but only three housing projects have been completed with a total of 228 units. Thirty more are in construction, but it’s taking way too long.

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