Justine Belyeu 
Black Hair Care by Justine

18333 Dolan Way, Santa Clarita
(661) 251-6699 • Email: blackhaircarebyjb@gmail.com
Website: blackhaircarebyjustine.com

As nonessential businesses under the state’s COVID-19 regulations, hair salons have been at least as vulnerable as restaurants and bars during these pandemic times.
Nevertheless, Justine Belyeu, namesake of the Santa Clarita salon Black Hair by Justine, has been moving into 2021 with determination, grace and, of course, some really fine hair.
Belyeu opened her first hair studio in 2014 before launching Black Hair Care by Justine in 2016.

Question: Tell us how and what year you got your business started. 
Answer:  In 2012, I moved to Santa Clarita and discovered there were no hair salons that specialized in hair care services for Black women. So, I decided to attend cosmetology school at night while working in corporate America during the day. I was already in my late 50s. (Who does that? Right!) I was afraid but not enough to try. I graduated in 2013 and worked in corporate America during the day and worked night at a local hair salon. In 2014, I opened Onyx Hair Studio with a business partner and in 2016 after the partnership was dissolved, I opened Black Hair Care by Justine.  

What’s the best aspect of running your own business?  
I can make my own hours and as much money as I can. Additionally, I can teach other professionals how to enhance their skills and grow their business while working within my business. We work together as a team. 

And the worst part? 
Being the stylist, the manager, trying to market yourself, keeping on top of inventory, paying the bills, not having enough staff to fill the gaps, cleaning the salon and not taking time off for vacations. (Whew!)

Other than the COVID year, what’s the biggest challenge you face? 
Making sure all the business expenses are paid before I pay myself and personal expenses.


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