I cannot take this anymore. Month after month and year after year, I am saying everything I have said before. Yet, the more we say, the less elected officials hear. Despite our plea to stop the bad policies and added costs, our elected officials have found bliss in ignorance. Businesses are about to break and each terribly conceived policy that is enacted into law pushes employers one step closer to the edge.  
Businesses need relief. Businesses, so many of them, feel like they are drowning, and they need real resources to be able to breathe. The little help that has made its way to businesses is really not enough. How many of you have seen your favorite local restaurant, bar, or retail store permanently shut down during the COVID-19 pandemic?
In Los Angeles, the City Council approved a Hazard Pay policy, forcing grocery stores to pay workers an additional $5 an hour. This is despite grocery stores having already given their employees bonuses, despite grocery stores spending millions of dollars to institute policies that keep both workers and customers safe, and despite a report by city staff saying the policy would be costly and lead to an increased cost of groceries, loss of jobs and store closures. The council flat out chose to ignore the facts and numbers.

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